Model of the energization of outer-zone electrons by whistler-mode chorus during the October 9, 1990 geomagnetic storm

first_img[1] Relativistic (> 1 MeV) ‘killer electrons’ are frequently generated in the Earth’s inner magnetosphere during the recovery phase of a typical magnetic storm. We test the hypothesis that the energization of electrons takes place by means of stochastic gyroresonant interaction between lower-energy (several 100 keV) seed electrons and whistler-mode chorus waves. We develop a model kinetic equation for the electron energy distribution, and utilize both electron and whistler-mode wave data at L=4 for a typical geomagnetic storm (on October 9, 1990) from instruments carried on the Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite (CRRES). Our model solutions are found to match well with the CRRES profiles of the electron flux. We conclude that the mechanism of stochastic acceleration by whistler-mode turbulence is a viable candidate for generating killer electrons, not only for the storm considered, but for similar storms with a several-day recovery phase containing prolonged substorm activity.last_img read more

Scoreboard roundup — 12/11/19

first_img Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailiStock(NEW YORK) — Here are the scores from Wednesday’s sports events:NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATIONHouston 116, Cleveland 110Indiana 122, Boston 117L.A. Lakers 96, Orlando 87L.A. Clippers 112, Toronto 92Charlotte 11,3 Brooklyn 108Chicago 136, Atlanta 102 Utah 127, Minnesota 116Phoenix 115, Memphis 108New Orleans 127, Milwaukee 112Sacramento 94, Oklahoma City 93New York 114, Golden State 122 — OTNATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUEFinal Washington 3, Boston 2Montreal 3, Ottawa 2  — OTColorado 3, Philadelphia 1TOP-25 COLLEGE BASKETBALLArizona 99, Nebraska-Omaha 49Illinois 71, Michigan 62Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved. Beau Lundcenter_img December 12, 2019 /Sports News – National Scoreboard roundup — 12/11/19last_img read more

Tri-State Alliance Response To Drag Queen Story Hour

first_imgDear EVSC School Board members, Vanderburgh County Commissioners, and Vanderburgh County Council,On behalf of the Tri-State Alliance, I am writing to you about EVPL’s Drag Queen Story Hour.I view this as an issue of censorship. Some members of the community are trying to limit what library programs are available to the public. It is similar to banning books. As an EVPL patron, I have a choice of what books I read and what programs I attend. However, it is not my right to decide what books other patrons are allowed to read and what programs others are allowed to attend.In one of the media articles, I read that some elected officials feel like this program is dividing the community. Actually, there is a segment of the community fighting a cultural war saying the LGBTQ communities are not welcome here. It is the same people who have been saying the same thing for decades.Some Christians oppose Santa Clause, stating it takes away from the reason for the season. My pastor does Santa Clause Story Hour at the EVPL locations. Those who oppose the character Santa Clause do not try to stop other parents from bringing their kids to the event. They just don’t take their kids.The same is true for Halloween. Some Christians oppose the celebration of Halloween. But do we end Halloween events at EVPL, or do we let parents choose what programs to take their kids to?What is different about this program? Those doing the reading are from the LGBTQ communities. So this is being used as a way to attack the LGBTQ community. Opponents are stating this will influence kids to be LGBTQ, and implies that being LGBTQ is bad. And opponents are sexualizing kids story hour.What is, in fact, truth is that most people, including elected officials, have LGBTQ friends, family, and Co-workers. The demonizing of LGBTQ citizens isn’t working anymore, at least for most people.There are 2 major petitions online about this issue. Close to 3,000 have signed a petition against this event. Close to 5,000 have signed the petition in support of this event. I am sure both petitions have people who live outside our area …. and the petition against the event allows ‘anonymous’ signers. What does this mean? I believe it means most residents of Vanderburgh County don’t care one way or the other. I also read that 2 speakers at a Vanderburgh County Commissioners meeting opposed this program. I suggest that 2 speakers do not represent a majority of Vanderburgh County.Discussions of banning a book, banning a program, eliminating funding for libraries or firing a librarian for reaching out to the community will help us make national news. It will make us a bad example on the issue of censorship and discrimination.E is for everyone is Evansville’s slogan. Is Vanderburgh County Government going to call out the mayor and disagree with this slogan? I hope not.I urge you not to support censorship. I urge you not to support discrimination. And I urge you not to use inflammatory language that refers to drag queens as the same as prostitutes. Please remember that you are talking about taxpayers and yes voters. People can disagree, but the level of dialogue about this issue has sunk to a new low in Vanderburgh County.We can and should do better. Thanks for your attention and consideration.Sincerely,Wally Paynter, PresidentTri-State Alliance501 John Street Suite 5Evansville IN 47713812-480-0204, [email protected]:// LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Speech: Dr Phillip Lee’s speech at Centre for Social Justice launch event

first_imgThank you very much for inviting me along to this launch event today. Firstly can I thank the team at Centre for Social Justice for this insightful report. It not only raises a number of pertinent points about the challenges which female offenders, and the services responding to them face, but also outlines practical and creative proposals we can take to tackle them.Secondly, I would like to emphasise an important theme that runs throughout this report: the need for a multi-agency, gender-responsive approach to female offenders that brings together local and national partners in a coordinated and accountable manner.Female offenders are some of our most vulnerable members of society and often have complex needs. As articulated in the report, a significant number of these women have histories of mental health issues, substance misuse, trauma and abuse, homelessness, poor education and unemployment.For many, these issues have developed prior to their involvement with the criminal justice system. Many of these women are also likely to be already known to, or already engaged with, different public services before they even commit a crime.Despite this, we know that outcomes for a significant number of women remain persistently and unacceptably poor.We must address these issues at the outset if we want to reduce crime, reduce reoffending, protect victims and the public.Achieving this requires a joined-up approach from the relevant Government departments, national and local statutory services, and the voluntary sector, to develop a coordinated, multi-agency response. I’m pleased to say we are making some real progress in achieving this. And, this is a principle that also underlines my female offender strategy.Whole System Approach and women’s centresAs set out in the report, we are investing £1 million pounds seed funding to support local areas to develop new ways of working with female offenders by adopting a multi-agency – often termed Whole System – approach.The whole system model brings together local agencies, criminal justice, statutory and voluntary. Together they provide the holistic, targeted support a female offender needs, with shared investment and outcomes. The National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Companies are key partners, ensuring that female offenders receive targeted, wrap-around support both through the gate and in the community.Women’s centres are often at the heart of many of these Whole-System Approach models. And I have been impressed by the women’s centres that I have visited. Over the past year I met staff and service users at Nelson Trust and Anawim, which are both providing valuable support to vulnerable women.I recognise the hugely important role that these women’s centres can play in supporting female offenders and those at risk of offending. Our best response to female offending must be one that is locally-led.Liaison and diversionAnother recent success commended in the report is that of Liaison and Diversion (L&D) services. L&D services place clinical staff at police stations and courts to provide assessments and referrals at an earlier stage. In doing so, we can intervene early to support people with mental health, drug and alcohol issues as soon as they come to the attention of the criminal justice system.L&D services will be operating across 82% of England by the end of March 2018, and across 90% of the country by the end of March 2019. Full rollout is expected by 2020/21.And we are going further. NHS England are currently enhancing ‘women’s pathways’ across all L&D services, to address the specific needs of women in the criminal justice system.A specific women’s lead will be appointed in each service to focus on this. Services will: offer to see all females who come into custody provide females with the choice of the gender of their practitioner offer gender-sensitive tools for screening and provide effective onward referrals to gender specific and sensitive services.The needs of particular groups such as women sex workers and foreign national women, will also be considered. These pathways will be co-designed with women with lived experience. This will mean that more female offenders will be diverted away from the criminal justice system in the first place, away from charge, or to a community sentence. I firmly believe that early intervention is an important part of our response to female offending. Not only does it improve outcomes for these women but also their children, their families and the public as a whole.DevolutionAs the report outlines, Police & Crime Commissioners (PPC’S) have a real appetite to be more involved in a new approach for female offenders.This is extremely welcome. PCCs play a valuable role as visible and accountable leaders of the local police and crime systems. And Combined Authorities bring together several services which are crucial to reduce reoffending.I recognise the potential benefits that a more locally-led system offers. I am keen to work closely with PCCs and Combined Authorities to explore this further.It is crucial that we work more closely with these local partners to tackle the issues leading women into the criminal justice system.To deliver this, we have signed devolution agreements with several areas, including Greater Manchester, Liverpool City Region, West Midlands and Greater London.The Ministry of Justice is committed to exploring options to provide greater devolution of criminal justice responsibility and budgets to local commissioners.Women at courtAnother issue raised in the report was that of awareness of pre-sentence report writers of the disposals available in their areas. We have recently undertaken an audit of pre-sentence reports and assessment tools for female offenders at court. This looked at how we could take a more gender responsive and trauma informed approach towards the women we are working with.Cross-departmental work is now progressing to increase the quality of assessments for female offenders and a work plan has been developed to take this work forward.This work is also looking to increase the take up of effective community sentences in line with sentencing guidelines. This work is being carried out in partnership with the National Probation Service and Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC’s).Workforce developmentHowever, for these changes to have the necessary impact, it is essential that we have a gender informed workforce.We continue to roll out Trauma Informed training to criminal justice professionals. Training is now being extended across the National Probation Service and CRCs, as well as to prison staff.We have also supported the wider Criminal Justice System roll out of the ‘Safeguarding Children When Sentencing Mothers’ training material completed by Dr Shona Minson.This training raises awareness of the diverse implications of maternal imprisonment for children.I would like to reiterate my thanks to Dr Minson for her invaluable work.Benefits and employmentToday’s report also rightly highlights the challenges which prisoners face when leaving prison, particularly around access to welfare support.Prisoners are able to speak to a Department of Work and Pensions Work Coach before release. They can make an appointment at the relevant Job Centre as early as the day of release. Once the former prisoner attends the Job Centre to complete their claim, eligible prisoners can receive funds within hours.However, we recognise that more can be done. That is why we are working with the Department of Work and Pensions to improve the process with the aim of enabling a claim in advance of release.And I want to do more to help women into employment on release too. Getting and keeping a job can change people’s lives and work is the best route out of crime. The prison and probation service have an important role to help offenders build the skills and experience they need whilst they’re in prison so they can have the right attitude for work and get a job when they’re released. As the Secretary of State outlined on 6 March, we will shortly be launching our Education and Employment Strategy. This will set out our approach to helping offenders get the skills they need to find a job and avoid the activities that landed them in prison in the first place.AccommodationAnother factor that plays an important part in rehabilitation is accommodation. There is considerable evidence which tells us there is a link between lack of stable accommodation and reoffending. Suitable accommodation plays an important part in enabling offenders to get a job, into training, or registered with a GP.HMPPS has undertaken some initiatives to improve access to accommodation, such as expanding the BASS contract to offer accommodation to offenders on licence.We continue to work with all probation providers to help make sure offenders get the support they need to find accommodation on release.But accommodation is a serious problem which requires a cross departmental response, as recognised in the report’s recommendations.We are working with Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to improve access to housing for those being released from prison.As part of this, we are investigating how Housing First and proposals regarding the private rented sector could help to ensure that offenders with complex needs, including female offenders, can secure suitable accommodationThis work will form part of the wider Government commitment to eliminate homelessness.ConclusionAs you know, my female offender strategy is due shortly. I hope to outline in this what further progress we have made in the areas I have highlighted today, and others, to address the challenges which female offenders face. This is a complex issue and one that I want to get right.Thank you for having me here today to support the launch of this report.last_img read more

Sales volumes up at Allied Bakeries, but market remains ‘challenging’

first_imgAssociated British Foods (ABF) has revealed that Allied Bakeries saw increased sales volumes over the financial year, but overall profits across the group are expected to decline. In this morning’s pre-close update for the year to 12 September 2015, it said the impact of currencies and the performance of its sugar division will see an overall decline in annual profits.The “challenging” UK bread market and lower bread prices have resulted in lower profitability. This despite the Kingsmill brand being relaunched in May and revenues from Sandwich Thins continuing to build following last year’s launch.ABF said that in grocery operating profit is expected to be ahead of last year with an increase in margin and revenue will be lower, largely as a result of commodity price deflation.Revenue and adjusted operating profit for AB Sugar, at both actual and constant currency, will again be “substantially” lower than the previous year following further decline in European sugar prices.Sugar prices in the EU have now stabilised and ABF expects to see some price recovery during 2015/16.Silver Spoon’s cost reduction programme has improved operational efficiency. Commercial success this year included the securing of two supply contracts with major UK retailers. Since its acquisition last October, Dorset Cereals has traded ahead of expectations and its integration with Jordans Ryvita has gone well. Jordans continued to perform well despite lower Ryvita crispbread sales as a result of the “competitive market”.A statement said: “We have completed our major capital investment programme and this year have reduced waste, further improved production processes and manufactured products of a consistently high quality.”last_img read more

Stevie Wonder Surprises Fans In The Best Way Possible By Showing Up To A Stevie Wonder Tribute

first_img[Photos by Erika Goldring] Fans attending a Stevie Wonder tribute show led by Irvin Mayfield at the House of Blues in New Orleans last night were treated to the surprise of their lives when the legend himself decided to pop in for an appearance. NOLA favorite Trombone Shorty was also along for the ride. The pair joined along with Irvin Mayfield & NOJO’s “Living for the City – The Songs of Stevie Wonder” to close out Jazz Fest weekend two on Sunday, May 1st.Stevie Wonder Leads ‘Purple Rain’ Sing-Along During Jazz Fest Storms, Plays Surprise Late NightWonder came on stage and played through a brief medley of his classics with the band, including an extensive harmonica jam. He then paid a tribute to Prince with an a cappella version of “Kiss” as the audience joined in on the sing-a-long, much to Wonder’s delight.He briefly left the stage, then returned to speak to his audience about his vision of America, even throwing in a stab at Donald Trump. “America is already great and has always been great,” he proclaimed, “And we should all share a message of positivity.” Men have had enough time running things, he went on to explain, and the time has come to put a woman in charge.The special show came to a close with Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You” followed by Prince’s “Raspberry Beret”.Only in New Orleans!last_img read more

Report: Mexican economy shrinks 8.5% in 2020

first_imgMEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s pandemic-hit economy shrank 8.5% in 2020. It was the largest single-year drop since 1932 and the second consecutive year of economic contraction. Mexico’s national statistics agency said Friday Mexico’s gross domestic product grew 3.1% in the final three months of the year. Growth in the second half of 2020 allowed Mexico to beat projections earlier in the year of a double-digit contraction. The second trimester of the year when the pandemic took hold and much economic activity was frozen saw a contraction of 18.7% compared to the same period a year earlier.last_img

Snowflakes fell this December and broke records across the state.

first_imgOn Dec. 8 Athens dropped to 16 degrees, beating 20 degrees set in 2006. On the same day, Augusta was at 16 degrees, beating 18 degrees set in 1954, and Brunswick dropped to 30 degrees, beating 31 degrees set in 1954. On Dec. 10 Macon hit 19 degrees, beating 20 degrees set in 1995. Drier than normal, tooGeorgia was drier than normal across the entire state in December. The wettest areas were along a strip inland from the coast, several counties east of metro Atlanta and Rabun County. The driest area was in the far southeastern corner of the state near Brunswick.The highest monthly total precipitation from National Weather Service reporting stations was 3.21 inches in Valdosta (0.45 inch below normal). The lowest was in Brunswick at 0.65 inch (2.18 inches below normal). Athens received 1.92 inches (1.79 inches below normal), Atlanta 1.62 inches (2.20 inches below normal), Alma 1.42 inches (2.25 inches below normal), Columbus 1.56 inches (2.84 inches below normal), Macon 1.08 inches (2.85 inches below normal), Savannah 1.63 inches (1.18 inches below normal) and Augusta 1.17 inches (1.97 inches below normal). Despite overall dry conditions, some precipitation records were set in December. Atlanta reported a daily record rainfall of 2.11 inches Dec. 1, surpassing the old record of 1.89 inches set that date in 1880. 3.3 inches of rain fell on Dec. 1The highest single-day rainfall from Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network stations was 3.30 inches near Carnesville in Franklin County Dec. 1. This was a continuation of the heavy rain from the last day of November. An observer near Riverdale in Clayton County reported 3.24 inches on Dec. 1. An observer near Dillard in Rabun County reported the highest monthly precipitation at 5.76 inches, including the water equivalent of 5 inches of snow. Many Georgians enjoyed a rare “White Christmas” last month, but also had to contend with unusually frigid temperatures. Less-than-normal precipitation has led all but the northeast corner of the state deeper into drought conditions.Atlanta reported a record snowfall of one-tenth of an inch Dec. 26, the first time measurable snowfall has been observed on that date. Athens reported a snowfall of 1.3 inches Dec. 26, beating the old record of a trace of snow on that date in 1953. Two inches fell in Athens on Dec. 25, passing the old record of two-tenths of an inch on that date in 1993. Columbus also reported a trace of snow for the first time on Dec. 26. Macon reported one-tenth of an inch of snow Dec. 25, the first time for that date.Last “White Christmas” was in 1882Two stations near Rabun Gap reported more than 6.5 inches of snow Dec. 26, the highest one-day values for the state in December. This was the first white Christmas for many areas in northern Georgia since 1882. Measurable snowfall was observed everywhere north of a line from Troup County on the western border to Elbert County in the northeast, and flurries were noted at many locations further south.Black ice associated with the record-setting cold temperatures Dec. 14 and 15 led to thousands of accidents in northern Georgia. Ice accumulations of up to a quarter-inch were reported in the northern suburbs of Atlanta Dec. 15.Low temperatures across the stateTemperatures across the state were significantly below normal in December. In Atlanta, the monthly average temperature was 38.3 degrees F (7.1 degrees below normal), in Athens 37.4 degrees (7.4 degrees below normal), Columbus 42.8 degrees (6.3 degrees below normal), Macon 40.9 degrees (6.9 degrees below normal), Savannah 43.7 degrees (7.7 degrees below normal), Brunswick 47.1 degrees (7.1 degrees below normal), Alma 43.8 degrees (9.8 degrees below normal), Valdosta 44.6 degrees (6.7 degrees below normal) and Augusta 39.4 degrees (7.5 degrees below normal). Many daily record-low temperatures were broken. Temperatures were particularly low Dec. 14, when low temperatures broke records in Atlanta (14 degrees, beating the old record of 15 degrees set in 1917), Athens (14 degrees, beating 15 degrees set in 1942), Macon (18 degrees, beating 20 degrees set in 1960) and Augusta (10 degrees, beating 15 degrees set in 1960). There was no reported severe weather in December in Georgia. Cold and dry conditions led to continuing deterioration of range and pasture, which was reported as poor to fair across most of the state by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.last_img read more

Equinox Resort Names Director of Sales and Marketing

first_imgThe Equinox Resort has announced theappointment of Courtney Lowe as Director of Sales and Marketing. He comes to the Resort from the Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville Virginia where he served in the same capacity. “We are fortunate to have attracted someone of Courtney’s caliber.” said Resort General Manager Gary Thulander. “His enthusiasm is infectious. Courtney’s knowledge of the region, coupled with his marketing and sales acumen will help us take the Resort to the next level. It’s all part of our quest to be the number one Resort in New England.”This is a homecoming of sorts for Courtney. He worked at the Equinox as Director of Sales between 1992 and 1998. “It very exciting for me to have the opportunity to return to the Equinox.” commented Lowe. “We have familyand friends in the area. Personally, I’m looking forward to being closer to them. Professionally, my goal is to bring the Equinox Resort to a newlevel and develop it as a Rockresort brand.” Lowe is a graduate of Northfield Mount Hermon School and Ohio Wesleyan University. He will beresident in Dorset with his wife and two daughters.last_img read more

India plans major renewable energy push to meet 2022, 175GW green goal

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享PV Magazine:To achieve its goal of installing 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022, the Indian Government says in its end of year review that it will tender a further 60 GW of solar and 20 GW of wind capacity in 2018-19 and 2019-20.The aim is to close off bidding for the entire amount by March 2020, thus leaving two years’ time for the execution of projects.Despite the issues in the country’s renewables industry, the [Ministry of New and Renewable Energy] finds that globally, India now has the fifth largest installed capacity of renewable energy with around 73.35 GW as of October 31, 2018. Meanwhile, it ranks fourth in terms of installed wind capacity, and fifth for solar power.Out of the around 73.35 GW of installed capacity, 34.98 GW is said to comprise wind, 24.33 GW solar, 4.5 GW small hydro power and 9.54 GW bio-power. Furthermore, projects totaling 46.75 GW of capacity have been either tendered or are under installation, including 36.6 GW of solar and 9.42 GW of wind.Overall, it says that renewable energy accounted for 21% of the country’s cumulative installed energy capacity (347.37 GW), with 101.83 billion units of renewable power generated during the year 2017-18. Notably, during the last four and a half years, India’s cumulative renewable energy installed capacity jumped around 106%, from 35.51 GW as of October 31, 2014, to 73.35 GW as of October 31, 2018.In the grid-connected solar sector, the MNRE says that 47 parks with an aggregate capacity of 26,694 MW have been approved in 21 states up to November 2018. “Over 1,00,000 lakh acres of land identified for various solar parks out of which over 75,000 acres have been acquired. Solar projects of aggregate capacity 4195 MW have been commissioned inside various solar parks,” it adds.More: India will auction 80 GW of solar, wind capacity by March 2020 India plans major renewable energy push to meet 2022, 175GW green goallast_img read more