Secret blood three new domain can not access the truth

              "warm blooded three countries" in February 26th high profile release enabled the brand-new "warm blooded three countries" the official website domain name and the new customer service mailbox [email protected] news. Immediately, the players found on the same day, the domain name can not be accessed, the game can not log on.

              in the earlier today when a game player to contact their customer service, customer service staff to answer is the domain name and server are in emergency maintenance, what time can maintain the end and open to normal use is uncertain game player. The rumors on the network in succession, some say that the domain name record cause, some say vulgar content is the crackdown, but has not been an official reply. By exploring the game player, found a document of the Ministry of culture, the full name of the file is the "notice" General Office of the Ministry of culture on the Sixth Batch of illegal game products and business activities, the full text of the notification is longer, I intercept part released to you, the reason you want to read more

Encounter APP undercurrent the entrepreneurial opportunity or trap

Abstract dinner, karaoke, watching movies is the main social activities of the urban population, so they become the starting point for most social class meeting.

reported in October 7th Han Yimin science and technology Tencent

a location based stranger encounter social APP is trying to end people’s loneliness.


in WeChat, WhatsApp and other instant social applications dominate the world situation, the social network of the entrepreneurial space seems to have There is not much left. but smart, entrepreneurs are still good at starting from the diverse social needs, develop more segments of social networking tools. This location based stranger encounter APP is one of the attempts.

based on location, strangers, dating is the key to such social APP, so that users can immediately offline dating is the difference between the actual characteristics of WeChat and unfamiliar street. read more

Million glasses founder Li Changli domestic glasses retail 020 model is about to surface

for the optical industry, the majority of people are often marked by the huge profits of the market, the fact that it is true that there are currently about 400 million people wearing glasses and the use of related products. While other close to one billion of the population can actually count as potential users of glasses, glasses market is large, we can not imagine. More and more families become glasses, both young and old are the glasses have a demand, it is very difficult to become the users want to have once again picked glasses. So glasses is a lifetime just need products, although the purchase frequency is not high, but the user base is large, the market demand has been rising.

The traditional

glasses industry, in addition to the same industry, the primary stage of most ordinary people understand the market for glasses is still in the beginning we said "profiteering label", this is actually a misunderstanding. How much for the glasses industry sales, cost, marketing operation, how to process the details of glasses, most users are still poorly understood. How to choose a good glasses, didn’t get a very good experience, the traditional glasses industry does have some shortcomings. At present, the domestic glasses retail industry is also trying to O2O model, but also to explore a number of opportunities, trying to combine the online and offline O2O mode allows people to re understand the glasses industry, subversion of the traditional glasses marketing model. read more

2005 CN domain name list

The domain name CN to delete the list     (CN; domain name is 04:30 in the morning every day on time to delete, following the domain name list has been deleted) delete time: 20051230         delete download time: 20051229         delete download time: 20051228        ; download delete time: 20051227         delete download time: 20051226         delete download time: 20051225         delete download time: 20051224         delete download time: 20051223         delete download time: 20051222         delete download time: 20051221         delete download time: 20051220         delete download time: 20051218         under Delete load time: 20051217         delete download time: 20051216         delete download time: 20051215         delete download time: 20051214         download delete time: 20051213         download delete time: 20051212         delete download time: 20051211         delete download time: 20051210         download delete time: 20051209         delete download time: 20051208         delete download time: 20051207         download delete load read more

What do earn

07 year, someone let me learn web. At the beginning of 08, don’t cheat n times finally buy a domain name on a web site. In early 08 -08 in the middle of the year, I was doing Google Adsense Ali mother, GG did not get a penny, Ali mother got hundreds of quick money. By the end of 08, I graduated, the server stopped, the site closed, the heart is cold. Up to now, graduated from the University, the economic crisis, the work can not be found, the site can not be maintained, he was late. The new year, go home. After the end of the year to continue to go back to work hard!

one of my little wish: the first pay back home to buy a color tv. It’s hard to imagine anyone who is still watching black and white TV, I tell you now my home is watching black and white tv.

97 years my family moved out of the countryside, from the beginning of rent. 98 years, my parents went to Dalian, I lived in my home is a live 2 and a half years until the primary school graduation. 00 years I came to the parents of the place to live, read junior high school, they rely on a small business to maintain life. From dawn to dusk, a lot of bad crime. I went to college in 06 years. The university environment is much better than our home, I am very happy. Parents are also working. At the end of 08, I was looking for a job, an economic crisis, no work experience. Since I left the countryside, I have not lived in more than 20 square meters of the house, I moved home for the past 8 times, how many times my parents moved too much, they are too tired, I want to buy them a color TV, buy a house. Over the years to come back to work, I believe I can, read more

Some suggestions for improving the quality of Google Adwords

quality of the high and low of the CPC, how to improve the quality of Google AdWords points I personally made a summary is as follows:

website content:

, 1 separate 10-15 page content, each page should have privacy policy, About Us/Contact connection.

2, each page should have sitemap connection.

3, each page should have very high credibility website connection. For example: Wikipedia

4, it is best to set up a small blog, a small number of weekly updates.

5, advertising content, LP content, the overall content of the site closely linked.

LP page:

1, the picture below the text data.

2, in the meta tag in the key words, between 50-150.

3, text and keywords closely related.


Enterprise market is not sexy Money is the last word

Enterprise Cloud Service Box founder and CEO Aaron · levy (left) · and 500 Startups founder David mccoo (right)

Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram news is a booster, stimulate the size of venture capital and Silicon Valley startups. Instagram as the representative of the mobile Internet social networking startups have become the latest craze in Silicon Valley, long life in the media spotlight, even if these companies rarely profit, but it does not prevent venture investment boom.

but in another market, the same performance of the start-up companies did not get too much attention. They have established a clear business model, access to a stable revenue and user size, but compared with social start-up companies, the valuation of these companies seem to have been underestimated. Box, Slideshare and other cloud services company is representative of such companies. read more

How did the programmer’s amateur program get paid

I started the Asterank project in May 2012. Earlier this week, Planetary Resources (planet resources) announced plans to tap water and valuable raw materials from small planets. Like everyone else, I was intrigued. This is an inspiring and difficult long-term vision.

my project began as an experiment of ideas: how many asteroids are really worth exploring? The news that the media releases is roughly estimated and has no scientific basis. None of the content and value of the asteroid’s orderly catalog. So on a busy weekend afternoon, I wrote the first version of a coffee shop in the city’s downtown business district.

13 months later, when Asterank was acquired by planetary resources, it was not just an asteroid value calculator. It has been a complete scrapers kit that includes a web page analyzer (WEB), a data channel, powerful data visualization, and the ability to discover new asteroids. read more

Yi Yi emergency notice on the issue of Smarttrade advertising domain name due to U.S. reasons, temporarily unable to resolve.

please site owners, will use their own code in the modified to, advertising can be displayed

or re login Smarttrade update their own advertising code!

we will resume the domain name resolution of as soon as possible


apply to join

intelligent contact:

010-58203453 (line) AI phone: 13910311411 MSN:[email protected] advertisers to join cooperation and business development

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Zhejiang Suichang 50 thousand small town has a total of 1500 Taobao stores

Suichang shop association under the Metro

docking platform providers and shop

confirm order

platform to get goods

packaged goods

waiting for express

reporter visited the Taobao Zhejiang Suichang: government to build a rural electricity supplier C2C platform

is a small town with a population of 50 thousand, but has 1300-1500 Taobao shop, gross margin over 30%, total annual sales of 100 million yuan.

reporter recently visited Zhejiang in Suichang County, the cluster effect of entrepreneurs, government, industry association and build a public service platform is leading the small town grew into China known "Taobao county", and in most of the city, it was a group of business people are electricity supplier winter, struggling to find a way out of earnings. read more