Hubei cracked a large network of pornographic fraud involving 120 million yuan

Jingchu net news (Chu Tianjin) reporter Shen of reports: reporters learned yesterday, the Ezhou police net after 3 months of careful investigation, cracked the governor of 3· 17 large network pornography fraud. The amount of 120 million yuan, 11 people were arrested, victims of Internet users throughout the country 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

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Gold the new trend of marketing joint Wangzhuan station

for the definition of joint marketing, I believe have a foreign host sales make friends should not be strange. Joint marketing white is a product produced by the station with advertising effect. Chinese people are superficial understanding of joint marketing. In fact, many forms of CPS sales, even Baidu promotion and business function of the combination produced can also become affiliate marketing. We are familiar with the Taobao customer can also be a variant of the affiliate marketing. Only this form of affiliate marketing is not the function of businesses have, but by the third party platform to operate.

actually, I also pay more attention to this form of affiliate marketing. In the next 5 years or 10 years, joint marketing will be developed quickly. The pace of development may be faster than the speed of moving physical objects to the internet. The enormous potential of joint marketing also let us see the hope for the development of individual industry. No longer need huge advertising fees, agency fees, manufacturers, agents to carry out their duties, division of labor. Low threshold, low agency costs and even no agency fees. From the reality to the network shape change, so that this sales model becomes easier. You don’t even need any money to join, do not need to spend any of the resources, you only need to sit in front of the computer mouse can. In the QQ or the forum sent to the designated joint sales alliance provides links to you, there are people to click on your links or buy goods through your links, you can get some benefits. read more

App craze who’s the opportunity llustrated nine APP business models

APP era has come to an estimated market size of $15 billion this year, everyone is looking at how such a huge opportunity to share a new business.

well, if you think that APP’s focus is on technical skills, you’re wrong. Like any other business, it is important to think about what is the right business model, and to maximize the business value of creativity and technology. In the "App boom, who had the opportunity? – Inside September" theme first, with a focus on Lawrence "new business models and Technology entrepreneurial opportunities" in the article is on.

maybe someone will ask, "App’s business model is not ‘charging’ or ‘free but with advertising’ these two," of course, not only so simple. May borrow the old fathers Chinese saying "Tai Chi astrotech, astrotech students four images, four images and gossip, gossip and can turn into eighty-eight hexagrams". So it is free or charge, in fact, there are a variety of derivative combinations. These different combinations and changes, it is entrepreneurs and developers to profit from the way. read more

How to make a profitable Landing page page

Whether it is

or CJ, CB, and other Union, it is rather important to be a good Landing page page, because is brought to you direct economic benefits, but how can we do the Landing page page? Learn some foreign websites, and the experience of some network friends after writing the summary methods:

1 page design: simple and magnetic

is a simple web design is very clear, so that visitors will know what you are talking about; magnetic is able to attract visitors through the page, so that visitors are willing to pay for your introduction.

2 Product mining: Why buy your product or service?

Whether it is to do the

Sale, or Lend, first you have to analyze, why do people choose your things, or do you change an angle to see themselves as visitors, they will not see this.

3 product quality: quality is the vitality of your continuous development! read more

Foreign lead open studio notes

Hello I’m

boats, had been not regularly to share foreign Wangzhuan experience, because of the recent and several foreign friends to carry out a number of cooperation, busy all day to technical and commercial account, plus a few places to go back and forth, it has not come to meet you. Every day with friends a lot of boats, no matter what kind of friends are not enthusiastic reception, after all we know is fate, maybe one day the two sides will have the opportunity to cooperate.

some time ago there are two foreign Wangzhuan very good apprentice opened foreign lead studio, Dumbo is also with the help of a few days. Studio in the early stages of the operation of a number of small problems, and now have been straightened out, during which there are some experience is worth planning to set up a studio or open the peer friends learn. read more

Who said that Chinese literature and art sites can not make money

with the birth of the Internet age, social information is with amazing speed and people close blending art website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain fight with the world. There are hundreds of Chinese in all kinds of large and small art website, showing the fierce state of the Warring States disputes including social welfare as one falls, another rises, and the unit or individual image type, also have the special information service etc.. They must have their own value and social prospects.

the existence of any thing must have its economic value, and the art website, is consistent with the art market faster circulation media, so in the social and cultural prosperity and development today, it has economic value.

A few days ago to Beijing

recruitment, a China Central Academy of Fine Arts art history department graduate wrote a plan: the construction of a literary art site, require specialized content, commercial operation. According to my understanding, the so-called " the operation of commercial " is that the site can be used to make money. read more

The application of exchange CEO Luo Chuan readme business is to manage primary afflictions

Luo Chuan has long been out of the spotlight, application exchange co-founder Yuan Cong to stir up the beam in the last year, made a lot of adjustments in the game transport, search and product recommendation mechanism, this past year, what Luo kawahi to


this morning, Luo Chuan in the application of the official website released a summary of 2013, the home of the difficulties, the company’s challenges, like the mountains. How can not sleep at night." He said in the text.

joined in January 2011 from innovation works since the exchange has gone through three years, the same as the distribution platform 91 near to the wealthy, he became the 360 big Tencent, the application of treasure rise directly to a high position at home and at work, Alexander Luo Chuan from the three book to find out, a book about Buddhism, two speaking of autism. read more

Wangzhuan master into the class fifth class

Wangzhuan master into the class fifth class

once you have this machine, it is equal to the higher you wings, operating properly, it can be a day to publicize your web page to bring thousands of pageviews. Yes, thousands of times a day! Make money site is running the soldiers, replacement fast, red hundred days the flower is not much, but the advertising machine once completed, but you will never find any effective tools, new money making project, it can immediately for you propaganda, and don’t take much time to!

set this advertising machine requires a certain amount of time and effort, if you are ready, then, let’s begin!

If stationmaster first clarify the advertising machine principle, it will take a lot of space, as we do, while speaking. This machine is done, and you know it all. The first step, please click to enter the EbizRotator site. In the bottom of the page there is a relatively simple registration form, filled with RoboForm, click on the submit, welcome to join the page to see if you turn it off. At this time, you register with the mailbox, you can receive a confirmation letter registered successfully. This letter is very important, please keep it well. (this is recommended for all recommended websites

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Some suggestions on making money online

today free Wangzhuan chose this commonplace topic, because after this period of time free Wangzhuan recently this time with experience and understanding of some new ideas about Wangzhuan, two is many novice make friends feel very confused, think you can give them some advice.

Wangzhuan, after all is a kind of network advertising, its purpose is to promote the main advertising promotional stuff. Either a product or a service. So if you want to do Wangzhuan, there must be a strong generalization ability, such as having a high popularity of the website, through good traffic to achieve the purpose of promotion. So, Wangzhuan is the need to establish the flow based on the flow, only the foundation do wangzhuan. So for going to do Wangzhuan friends, the first way is to create a traffic site. With a flow of the site, whether you are to promote a project, or sell advertising, or sell their products, can be. read more

The 22 year old college fanatics my ATM network is threatening a year 1 million

has a good saying: the Internet has never been a myth. With the support of those who have different summon wind and call for rain strength and in the capital market under the Internet bigwigs, this usually is not ordinary students, avoid sunlight, muffled coining in the corner of the Internet in a dark and damp. I never dared to try what he did,

I and he is a fellow of the University, his name is what I do not say, and we are from the Ordos University of Inner Mongolia University, such as you think, the university you can think of how broken more broken. The freshman, he posted a small ad from the campus to spend 800 dollars to buy a second-hand computer, I remember the day he said to me: This is the money making machine.


on the network to do though is not on the table, but there is no denying that he has a save about 600000 Jianxinglongqia now, I’ve seen, and I have no. I know what he has done recently, I write to share with you. read more