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Tri-State Alliance Response To Drag Queen Story Hour

first_imgDear EVSC School Board members, Vanderburgh County Commissioners, and Vanderburgh County Council,On behalf of the Tri-State Alliance, I am writing to you about EVPL’s Drag Queen Story Hour.I view this as an issue of censorship. Some members of the community are trying to limit what library programs are available to the public. It is similar to banning books. As an EVPL patron, I have a choice of what books I read and what programs I attend. However, it is not my right to decide what books other patrons are allowed to read and what programs others are allowed to attend.In one of the media articles, I read that some elected officials feel like this program is dividing the community. Actually, there is a segment of the community fighting a cultural war saying the LGBTQ communities are not welcome here. It is the same people who have been saying the same thing for decades.Some Christians oppose Santa Clause, stating it takes away from the reason for the season. My pastor does Santa Clause Story Hour at the EVPL locations. Those who oppose the character Santa Clause do not try to stop other parents from bringing their kids to the event. They just don’t take their kids.The same is true for Halloween. Some Christians oppose the celebration of Halloween. But do we end Halloween events at EVPL, or do we let parents choose what programs to take their kids to?What is different about this program? Those doing the reading are from the LGBTQ communities. So this is being used as a way to attack the LGBTQ community. Opponents are stating this will influence kids to be LGBTQ, and implies that being LGBTQ is bad. And opponents are sexualizing kids story hour.What is, in fact, truth is that most people, including elected officials, have LGBTQ friends, family, and Co-workers. The demonizing of LGBTQ citizens isn’t working anymore, at least for most people.There are 2 major petitions online about this issue. Close to 3,000 have signed a petition against this event. Close to 5,000 have signed the petition in support of this event. I am sure both petitions have people who live outside our area …. and the petition against the event allows ‘anonymous’ signers. What does this mean? I believe it means most residents of Vanderburgh County don’t care one way or the other. I also read that 2 speakers at a Vanderburgh County Commissioners meeting opposed this program. I suggest that 2 speakers do not represent a majority of Vanderburgh County.Discussions of banning a book, banning a program, eliminating funding for libraries or firing a librarian for reaching out to the community will help us make national news. It will make us a bad example on the issue of censorship and discrimination.E is for everyone is Evansville’s slogan. Is Vanderburgh County Government going to call out the mayor and disagree with this slogan? I hope not.I urge you not to support censorship. I urge you not to support discrimination. And I urge you not to use inflammatory language that refers to drag queens as the same as prostitutes. Please remember that you are talking about taxpayers and yes voters. People can disagree, but the level of dialogue about this issue has sunk to a new low in Vanderburgh County.We can and should do better. Thanks for your attention and consideration.Sincerely,Wally Paynter, PresidentTri-State Alliance501 John Street Suite 5Evansville IN 47713812-480-0204, [email protected]://tsagl.org/https://www.facebook.com/tristatealliance/FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Girls Golf Regionals Results At Lapel

first_imgGolf ball about to fall into the cup at sunsetIt was a record setting day for the Lady Wildcat Golf team at the Lapel Regional tournament today! They shot a school 18-hole team record of 335 which earned them 5th place out of 18 teams. This is the lowest finish in a Regional for any Wildcat golf team. Seniors, Dana Branstetter and Kendyl Brack, both shot 78, which was low for the team and also earned them a 12th place finish in a field of 110 players. They also missed advancing as an individual to the state tournament by 1 stroke.  Fishers won the team corwn.The top 3 teams and 5 individuals outside of advancing teams move on to the state tournament next weekend. The team came up short this year but still performed at a very high level.   FC placed 5th and Greensburg finished 16th.2017 Girls Golf Regionals @ Lapel“My team picked a great day to shoot their best score of the season! I had three players shoot their personal best, Kendyl Brack 78, Maggie Brack 86, and Gracie Graf 98. All my players broke 100 which is also a first of the season. We may have come up short on advancing but we played against some power houses and it’s very possible that the state champ will come out of this Regional. The girls proved they belonged in this type of atmosphere. It was a very bitter sweet day knowing we broke the school record but at the same time it was the last time Dana and Kendyl will tee up as a Wildcat. They both have made Franklin County High School proud with their dedication and talents on and off the golf course. They will both move on to do great things but will definitely missed.”  Wildcats Coach Marisa Mears.Dana Branstetter – 78; Kendyl Brack – 78 (personal best); Abby Orschell – 93; Maggie Brack – 86 (personal best); Gracie Graf – 98 (personal best).last_img read more

Togo footballers refuse to play qualifier in Libya

first_imgTogo players are refusing to play a World Cup qualifier in Libya after recent violence there led FIFA to move Friday’s game from Benghazi to the capital, Tripoli.Alexis Romao of Marseille and Jonathan Ayite of Brest flew back to France from Togo, citing security worries for not wanting to travel to Libya. Togolese players want the match moved out of Libya.Togo football has been affected by recent tragedies; a helicopter crash at Sierra Leone’s Lungi airport in 2007 and an attack on the team bus in the Angolan enclave of Cabinda in 2010.Togo captain Serge Akakpo says “after what we went through in Lungi and Cabinda … you must understand that we are right to refuse to take any risk.”last_img