Linden girl returns after successful treatment

first_imgRetinablastoma diagnosis Following successful treatment overseas, three-year-old Lindener Crystal John has returned home and has now been deemed cancer free.John, who travelled to receive treatment in Cuba for Neuroblastoma and retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye) has successfully conducted radio and chemotherapy during her five-month stay.Her parents LaShawn and Ivan John are now keeping hope alive that she will soon be able to see again. John’s mother recently indicated that she is doing well except for some complaints of burning in her eyes.“She aint getting no pains, all she crying out is that it burning. That means that she getting some kind of sensitivity to the light. Everything else is ok. We trying to teach her how to move around, walk, eat. Remember she have to learn everything again. So we getting there,” her mother pointed out.The three-year-old is slated to return to Cuba early next year for follow-up treatment as her parents continue to hope for the best.“There is still hope because if he (specialist) say he want to see her back in January and know what more he can do for her means there is still hope,” her mother said. “We didn’t do the surgery because the tumor wasn’t on the optic nerve, it was just beneath the eye rim so it reduced in size and the chemotherapy killed it,” she continued. John, of Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie, Linden, was diagnosed with the life-threatening disease Retinablastoma when she was just eight months old, which resulted in the removal of her left eye. She later began losing vision in her right eye after the tumor returned. This prompted urgent medical attention and an outpouring of monetary assistance from the public and nonprofit organisations. Despite her challenges, the three-year old is scheduled to begin school come September. (Utamu Belle)last_img read more