Delray Beach residents say homes flooded after city took their sandbags

first_imgSome residents in Delray Beach are reporting that they experienced flooding in their homes after the city removed the sandbags they purchased and placed around their homes to help protect them from the rising waters during king tide.On resident in particular, CJ Johnson, told our news partners at CBS12 that he purchased $6,000 worth of sandbags to protect his and his neighbors’ homes. Johnson says he placed the bags in the roadway by the Intracoastal which is across the street from their homes.City officials later came out and removed the bags from the roadway“My sandbags would’ve stopped all of this and they took them away,” Johnson said.While Johnson and other residents believe the city is responsible the for damage because they removed the bags, City of Delray Beach spokeswoman Gina Carter says the sandbags caused damage to the road and would have not protected their homes from flooding.“The sandbags that were placed on the roadway by one of the residents caused a good deal of damage to the road which now needs to be repaired. It is not sound, from an engineering perspective, to put so much weight the edge of a older road. In short, the sandbags could not stay and were not providing any substantive protection to those residents from their most common flooding issue, namely ground water,” said  Carter.“Placing sandbags on a small section of roadway can not provide protection from flooding, especially if it is actually caused by ground water. In other to truly address their ground water flooding issue the homeowners would need to raise their homes,” said Carter.Eugenia DePonte, who has lived in the area for almost 30 years says he has noticed the flooding is getting worse, she continued.“It seems to be getting worse, particularly during a hurricane,”DePonte said.The city says they have plans to build a seawall to help prevent flooding, however, residents say they need a fix while that is in process.last_img read more

Trump: “Worst is Behind us” as GDP Shrinks

first_imgA bit of encouragement from the White House despite a disappointing GDP report. President Trump on Tuesday said “Our experts believe the worst days of the pandemic are behind us.”Now it is time to dig out of this economic hole the shutdown has caused. That will take time because while the GDP shrank in the first quarter, the worst is still ahead of us in the next quarter when the month of April is factored in.President Trump went on to predict that small businesses and workers will be in good shape thanks to government stimulus packages. Despite the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S. topping a million, Trump also cheered efforts in some states to start opening up for business again. America’s economy shrank more than analysts expected during the first quarter. The Commerce Department reports GDP shrank 4.8% in the first three months of this year as the coronavirus pandemic started biting deep into the economy. Experts had forecast a 3.5% decline. It’s the first negative GDP reading since a one-point-one percent decline in the first quarter of 2014.last_img read more

Garfield Gators 6-year winning streak ends

first_imgCHAMPIONS—The Garfield Gator Twerps won the Southwestern Pennsylvania Youth Athletic League Championship with a 13-8 win over the North Side Steelers. (Photos by William McBride)The Garfield Gators have been one of the most successful youth football programs in Southwestern Pennsylvania history. The Gators organization provides opportunity for inner-city kids to participate in youth football and cheer.  The entire community gets involved with the team. It’s an all volunteer staff that provides the best coaching instruction regardless of economic background the chance to learn the values of character, integrity, discipline, and teamwork through football and cheerleading.DANIEL KANE JR rushed for a touchdown in the Garfield Gators 13-8 win over the North Side Steelers in the Twerps championship game.President Bob Jones, Coach Paper and the entire staff have built an outstanding organization nail-by-nail, dollar-by-dollar and piece-by-piece.“This is more than football its family.  All the people who were in my wedding are part of this program,” said Officer Mike Gay.  “It’s all about the kids.  We want to give to these kids things that we didn’t have.  Be mentors.  Be a father figure.”The Gators were riding a 69 game winning streak like California Chrome! But on Sunday Oct. 26, at Cupples Stadium, Homewood-Brushton “Shook up the World” by knocking off the Gators 14-7 to win the 13-14 age group championship.last_img read more