Smibs Could Rival Both LinkedIn &

first_imgRelated Posts 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now steven walling Tags:#enterprise After being in beta for a year, Smibs has launched their SaaS business software into full production mode. The initial series of applications, with more planned for the future, include a Web-based CRM called Doorbell, and the Smibs Network, a business networking service. LinkedIn has largely wasted its potential to be anything other than personal promotion, and CRM focuses almost solely on internal collaboration. While it has a long way to go to truly compete with either, the way that Smibs bridges the gap between public business networking and in-group workflows makes it a serious future contender. A self-funded startup rivaling both the largest business network and the most popular CRM is a tall claim. But the evidence to back that up is in how its current offering of apps covers the ground of both tools: intimately connecting a social graph with business collaboration. DoorbellDoorbell is a SaaS CRM available on a freemium basis. At this point, the simplistic functionality of Doorbell is the weak point of Smibs. While it has a clean, AJAX-y UI, it still lacks much of the specialization and power of The Doorbell feature set is smoother when it comes to basic task management, rather than a focus on contacts and evolving leads. At this point, it’s really the bare minimum for enterprise use, and the company is selling primarily to SMBs, creatives, and professional services companies. You can purchase Doorbell as a standalone CRM, but it really shines in the way it seamlessly integrates with the Smibs Network. Through that integration, it becomes a robust tool for managing the business connections you make and reinforce through the Web. Smibs NetworkThe Smibs Network works basically the same as LinkedIn, Xing, or other business-focused social networks. It’s set up to be a place to broadcast who you are and what you do, as well as hunt for new contacts. Profiles exist for both organizations and individuals, and you can search either by business name or areas of personal expertise. What makes Smibs different is that if you find anyone you’d like to bring on to your team, either permanently or temporarily, you can easily give them access to your Doorbell. The single Smibs site allows you to transition from networking to collaboration quickly, bypassing the need to move from one site to the other. The only business network I’ve seen that comes close to this kind of public-private merge are the Xing Enterprise Groups. The difference there is that the Enterprise Groups create a walled networking garden, rather facilitating CRM work. Even if your enterprise isn’t particularly interested in using Doorbell as your main CRM solution, the ability to work with it in conjunction with the Smibs Network makes it a perfect way to manage recruiting, and customers with access to the beta period for Smibs have already been using it as such.Really A Potential Rival?There are some serious hurdles that Smibs faces if it wants to become an essential business tool, especially in comparison to the powerhouses of networking and CRM software today. The leading problem is that business users looking for networking will flock to where people are already, which is LinkedIn first and foremost. Still, not having to wrestle with separate applications is always a draw for pragmatic enterprises. With the headache that even good CRMs can cause and the annoyance some find in having to manage disparate networks, a platform that blends both might be attractive. It also didn’t hurt that Smibs founder Peter Urban has outlined a coherent vision for where the company is headed, with new products in the works for the coming year. There’s a long and difficult road ahead if this startup wants to draw a substantial user base away from its rivals. But from where we’re sitting, Smibs has a fighting chance. center_img Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img read more

What Is Jalen McCleskey’s Ceiling As a Sophomore?

first_imgI’m about to float an insane theory that I realize is an insane theory, but I cannot stop myself from floating it anyway. Jalen McCleskey is going to be better in 2016 for two reasons:He is older and weighs moreHe switched to No. 1Oklahoma State’s history of offensive players wearing No. 1 in the Mike Gundy Era is not necessarily lengthy, but it is impressive. For the last few years, Ra’Shaad Samples has worn the number which didn’t amount to much, but just before him it was Joe Randle and Dez Bryant. Pretty solid company. The number just looks slick on the field. Kevin Peterson wore it well on defense.I remember Dez’s freshman year talking to some buddies and asking them what number they wanted Dez to wear. Before I could even finish the question, my buddy Sheets just screams, “he has to wear No. 1!!”Look good play good. I don’t know, but I do know that McCleskey has become the sort of underrated offensive weapon on this team. We focus so much on James Washington and the running back situation and Barry Sanders and Marcell Ateman’s injury that we forget about the guy who did stuff like this as a freshman last year.“We have to find ways for him to touch the ball,” said Mike Gundy recently. “He is explosive. He is competitive. He is a year into it now. This year’s [offense] could be a little more specific by player than what we have been in the last 10 years. Meaning that, we may have certain guys skill wise that are able to execute certain plays that we need to try and get those called to get the ball to certain guys in order to give us the best chance to be successful on offense.”That’s probably a good idea. McCleskey, who is up over 20 pounds (hashtag Glass), only had 409 all-purpose yards in 2015, but he also only touched the ball 33 times on offense. I think that probably doubles this year. At least. McCleskey is explosive and can run away, and he’s the rare sophomore with 13 games under his belt.Awesome photo here after Jalen McCleskey’s punt return TD. (via @osuathletics)— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) November 1, 2015“Well, he is a good player,” said Gundy of McCleskey’s pedigree (his father played in the NFL). “It is like anything else, horse racing and whatever.”Pause. The man with the mullet said “horse racing and whatever” when talking about maybe his most dynamic player. Amazing.“The history says that if their pedigree is good, then there’s a good chance that that can continue during their career here,” said Gundy. “Not always, but it gives you a better chance. We invest a lot of time in what kind of people they are, how they treat their moms, what kind of respect they have for just the general things in society I think we are lacking as a group maybe in this country. We look at that and they certainly have to be athletic enough to play here and then if they have good pedigree, that makes the stock go up even more.”Receivers coach Kasey Dunn echoed Gundy’s praise for McCleskey in all facets in the spring.“The guy that’s shown some speed is (Jalen) McCleskey,” said Dunn. “He’s doing a great job out there. That little turkey will block his butt off too. He’s getting it done and I’m happy with where we are and I’m looking forward to the next practice.”The little turkey racehorse who will ball in a new number this fall. I’m fired up to watch him.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

John Cena Voices New Ad Council PSA In Support Of Learning And

first_imgTo coincide with Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia and ADHD Awareness Month this October, and the Ad Council announced today the release of a new public service advertisement (PSA) featuring voice talent and characters from the upcoming 20th Century Fox animated movie, “Ferdinand.”Video: Don’t Judge a Bull by His Cover (:30) | Learning & Attention Issues | Ad CouncilThe TV PSA, narrated by John Cena (voice actor of Ferdinand the bull).In the film, Ferdinand is mistakenly believed to be a dangerous beast and fighter because of his size. The film’s theme, “don’t judge a bull by his cover”, also reflects the mission of the October #BeUnderstood campaign from Understood and the Ad Council. Learning and attention issues, like dyslexia and ADHD, are often mistaken for laziness or unintelligence. Although these issues may not be as visible as others, they are real and common, impacting 1 in 5 kids. With early identification and support, children with learning differences can thrive. In fact, many successful adults have learning and attention issues. The campaign seeks to address misperception and build nationwide understanding.The PSA features characters from the film that remind audiences that everyone has been misunderstood at some point in life, but that with the right support, everyone can reach their full potential. Viewers are invited to visit, a program of the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), to learn more about these issues and access free resources.“Like Ferdinand, many kids with learning and attention issues feel misunderstood,” said Mimi Corcoran, president and CEO of the National Center for Learning Disabilities. “Learning and attention issues may not be as visible as other health issues, but they are just as real, and just as deserving of universal support and understanding.”“We’re honored to partner with the Ad Council and,” said Zachary Eller, Executive Vice President, 20th Century Fox. “Ferdinand, like many kids today, is misunderstood. We want kids everywhere to know that it is okay to be dif­­ferent, it’s okay to be feel like you don’t fit in. Like Ferdinand, there is a unique path for everyone to follow.”The new PSA is the latest extension of the partnership between and the Ad Council which encourages parents, educators, and the public to understand and support children with learning and attention issues. When these issues go without identification and support, children struggle. Students with specific learning disabilities drop out of school at three times the rate of all students.“We are so grateful to 20th Century Fox for bringing us Ferdinand’s story to help create understanding and empathy for children living with learning and attention issues,” said Lisa Sherman, President & CEO of the Ad Council. “Families of children experiencing these challenges can find fantastic resources at”Throughout October, the #BeUnderstood campaign is supporting awareness for learning and attention issues through a variety of initiatives. For more information, visit or explore the hashtag #BeUnderstood.last_img read more

Chilavert slams CONMEBOLs president

first_imgFor the Chilean legend, Alejandro Dominguez is under FIFA’s control and does whatever Gianni Infantino tells him to doFormer Chilean goalkeeper and football legend Jose Luis Chilvert has slammed CONMEBOL’s president Alejandro Dominguez.The verbal attack comes after the football governing body made a full of itself in the weekend during the second leg of the Copa Libertadores Final.“I have known for a long time that is inadmissible that Dominguez is the president of Conmebol, he is a nefarious person, he is endorsed by [Gianni] Infantino”, Chilavert was quoted by Marca.Just in: Brazil squad is released and Neymar is in George Patchias – August 16, 2019 Tite has released his Brazilian national team squad for the upcoming round of international friendlies.Just released by ESPN is the Brazilian national team squad….“What happened in River Plate is a problem in all of Latin America, it’s a matter of education.”“Anyone with education does not do this, they’re all delinquents,” he said.“Dominguez does not have the authority to define the situation; for me, the title should be given to Boca Juniors.”last_img read more

3 including minors killed near NH34

first_imgBALURGHAT: Train services were disrupted for about two hours after a woman and her two minor daughters were crushed to death under a truck near Dalkhola railway crossing on National Highway 34, around 39 km away from Raiganj on Thursday night. The deceased were identified as Ghurni Bansfore and her two daughters as Rinki and Mala. The mob chasing the truck, caught the driver and thrashed him rampantly. Later, police after being informed rushed to the spot, rescued the killer truck driver and admitted him to the Raiganj super-specialty hospital. His condition is stated to be critical. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsThe agitated locals staged a demonstration at the railway crossing and blocked the NH 34 for about two hours following the mishap for which both train and road transport services remained disrupted. Normalcy was, however, restored after the law-enforcers pacified the wrath of the locals. Police later sent the bodies for autopsy. According to police, the truck was going to Siliguri from Raiganj at a high speed. While reaching Dalkhola railway crossing, the driver lost control and hit the victims. “It is apprehended that it was too late for the driver when he found the victims just in front of the speeding vehicle and hit them causing immediate death of the trio” said a police officer. Police seized the vehicle. A case of reckless driving has also been registered.last_img read more