League of Legends board game announced

first_imgLeague of Legends is such a huge franchise that its power cannot be contained within the confines of a single video game. The immensely popular MOBA is going from desktop to tabletop with the Mechs vs Minions board game. This promises to take all of the best elements of the PC game and twist them in a way to make it a compelling tabletop experience.Mechs vs Minions is a co-op game for two to four players. It has programmatic command lines from a shared draft and various ways for players to take out the minion hordes. The game’s story centers around four Yordles named Heimerdinger, Tristana, Corki, and Ziggs who go from trainees at a “soon-to-be-mega-prestigious” school to defenders of the realm when an army of minions threatens everything. The campaign features ten missions, with each mission lasting anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes.The board game comes in a box that includes five game boards, four command lines (one for each player), four mech miniatures, ability and damage decks, a sand timer, a power source miniature that resembles a bomb, six metal trackers, four acrylic shards, four dice, and one hundred minion miniatures. There is even a mystery item in the box, though players are encouraged to not open it until they’re asked to do so during the course of the game.Mechs vs Minions will be available directly from Riot Games on October 13 for $75. That may sound like a lot for a board game, but considering everything that comes in the box (especially that mystery item), it seems the price is justified. However, given the dedication of the League of Legends fanbase, I don’t think Riot Games will have a problem selling this at such a premium price. Even those who aren’t fans of LoL should find something to like here since it does seem to be a very cool tabletop game.last_img read more