Chidambaram, his wife & family have assets worth Rs 95 crore

first_imgMumbai, May 31 (PTI) Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister P Chidambaram (70), his wife and family have total assets worth Rs 95 crore, according to the affidavit filed by him today to contest the Rajya Sabha election.Chidambaram filed his nomination papers for biennial elections to Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra.According to his affidavit, filed in 22 pages before the Returning Officer, he and his family have movable properties worth Rs 54.30 crore while he and his family own immovable properties worth Rs 41.35 crores.He showed a total income of Rs 8.58 crore for the year 2014-15 while his spouse (Nalini Chidambaram) showed income of Rs 1.25 crore for the same period during the filing of income tax return.Chidambaram has movable properties of Rs 42.95 crore and immovable properties worth Rs. 4.25 crore. His wife Nalini Chidambaram is the owner of movable properties worth Rs 11.23 crore and immovable properties worth Rs 25.03 crore.He has shown Rs 3.50 lakhs cash in hand and his wife has cash in hand Rs 1.24 lakh. He has bank accounts in 13 branches of different banks spanning from Chennai to New Delhi to Karnataka while Nalini has six bank accounts in different places.Under the details of movable assets, the affidiavit says Chidambaram posseses 32 gram gold (worth Rs 87,232) and 3.25 carat diamond worth Rs 97,500. His wife has 1.43 kg gold (worth Rs 39.17 lakh) and 52 kg silver worth Rs 20.46 lakh and 76.61 carat diamond of Rs 22.98 lakh.He has one Honda and one Skoda car while his wife is having Toyota Innova car.Under the details of immovable assets, Chidambarams affidavit says he has said that he bought 38.72 acres land in 1994 for Rs 25.16 lakh in Karnataka and thereafter developed it by investing another Rs 3.77 lakh into it and the current market value of this piece of property is Rs 1.93 crore, according to the affidavit.advertisementHis Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) movable properties are worth of Rs 11.86 lakhs while immovable properties are having monetary values of Rs 12.07 crore, according to his affidavit in which Chidambaram has described himself as a senior Advocate in the Supreme Court and his wife as a senior Advocate in the Madras High Court.He does not have Facebook account but is active on the Twitter. PTI APM KRK PALlast_img read more

Under the pump

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Tricky subject petrol, that is if you want to get the view of Aussie fuel suppliers. With reports that recent price increases are the start of a new surge in fuel costs, Neos Kosmos sought the opinions of three companies in Victoria involved in fuel supply and retail. Two declined to discuss the subject at all, a third agreed but asked for anonymity. But why the reluctance? Is it a reaction to the conspiracy theories that abound of collusion between the big players, stories of monopolies that reduce competition and a propensity to discourage analysis of profit margins at the bowser? Who knows, but a questioning consumer, you would have thought, might be given an answer. The Australian Institute of Petroleum shows that the average weekly retail price for ULP nationally rose from 140 cents per litre in January to 143 cents by the weekend ending 26 February, but national averages can be misleading. The petrol pricing watchdog Motormouth reports a running comparison of average petrol prices nationally for state capitals. Looking at figures for the end of February, Queenslanders are paying a premium, compared to Sydney and Melbourne motorists. On the last day of February Brisbane’s average unleaded price was 144.7 cents per litre, compared to 145.2 cents for Sydney, and 146.1 cents for Melbourne. But what’s fuelling the increase? Australia’s prices are tied to the Singapore mean price for 95 octane petrol, the regional refinery hub from which Australia imports 25 per cent of its energy needs. As always, the price of crude oil is the dominant factor. The driving force has been the 30 per cent price rise over the past year of Tapis crude oil,- the pricing benchmark in Singapore. This rise is a result of a surge in oil demand from China, Russia, India and Brazil, as well as the effects of the improving economic conditions in the US. Tensions around Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the West’s potential response are seen as another factor pushing the price higher. Last week the price of Tapis crude hit $US134 a barrel – its highest level since 2008 – which some media are reporting, will result in Australian motorists paying $1.55 within a fortnight. The Melbourne retailer with over 30 outlets who agreed to talk to us off the record, said that no one could accurately predict the market, and suggestions of a return to the all time high of $1.67 in the coming months, may well be incorrect. “There’s always a cycle occurring, pretty much every two weeks at the moment, but that changes, there’s always a seesaw affect. Our retail price is in mid 140s, and our seven day wholesale price forecast doesn’t reflect the kind of fluctuation [that would lead to a price of $1.55] – it’s not showing that kind of rise. “Our buy price in the coming week is very static, it’s within half a cent, what will happen in the weeks ahead we simply don’t know. No one knows.” Analysts say that without the strong dollar Australia would be experiencing European-style petrol prices. Meanwhile, last month independent senator Nick Xenophon said that the federal government should sack the ACCC’s petrol commissioner for failing to uncover a ”scandal” in fuel pricing, The senator’s comments followed claims by the Australian Automobile Association that motorists had been ”short-changed” during Woolworths’ and Coles’ 8 cents a litre ”double discount” offer, which began in October. “The $330,000 a year the petrol commissioner Joe Dimasi earns and the $1 million it costs to run his office could be much better spent on peak motoring bodies doing the monitoring,” said Senator Xenophon. Whilst we might remind ourselves, that relatively speaking, we are still a lucky country when it comes to filling up the tank, alleged rorts and lack of transparency stalks the fuel industry. Perhaps a change of plugs is overdue.last_img read more

By FFWPU USA From December 2831 2015 young Uni

first_imgBy FFWPU USA: From December 28-31, 2015, young Unificationists from around the nation came together for specialized leadership training at the Aloha Workshop. During the workshop they had a chance to deepen their connection with God and True Parents and strengthen their life of faith. They also had a chance to receive practical leadership training toward becoming successful leaders in their local community.One of the main calls to action of the Aloha Workshop was that participants were asked to develop a program or project that they would implement when they returned to their local communities. They were guided through a series of analytical steps to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their home communities and then given tools and resources to plan an effective and well thought-out program. This report features the first project from the Aloha Workshop that has been implemented.In New York, a team of six young Aloha participants—Yukimaru Jones, Unhee Fontaine, Kody Morris, Yasmine Bouachri, Meta Learey and Hana Hamad—strove to heighten the energy in their local youth ministry by improving an existing youth event called “Up & Coming,” which meets regularly in upstate New York.“Youth ministry is a big part of our community,” they said. “It brings young Unificationists together through fun activities and lets them interact with each other and form new friendships.” The team’s secondary goal was to inspire more unity in their community.The six team members took a leading role in planning their first event, which featured games and meaningful activities designed to teach teamwork. Thanks to their efforts, when youth gathered together in January their energy as a group was “incredible,” according to Yukimaru Jones.“We also encouraged kids to invite their friends to come to youth ministry,” said Yukimaru.The Aloha alumni stated that their workshop training helped them significantly in planning and implementing their program.“The lesson led by Kaeleigh Moffitt helped in determining weaknesses of our youth ministry,” they said, “and the 10-step process taught by Justin Okamoto helped in focusing on the purpose or goal of our event, as well as determining specific steps to making the event happen. This event will be ongoing for the rest of the year and hopefully years to come.”last_img read more