Windows 8 leaks lead to firings at Microsoft

first_imgIf you’ve seen images of the Windows 8 desktop, then you’ve also seen Microsoft’s not-at-all-subtle warning about sharing the digital goodies you’ve been fortunate enough to get your hands on early. With the number of leaked builds which have made the rounds going all the way back to the early stages of Windows 7 development, it certainly seemed reasonable to assume that eventually Microsoft would track down someone who had been leaking milestone builds ow Windows 8 to private FTPs and torrent sites.Now it appears as though that has finally happened. According to reports forum sites where the early builds have been linked and heavily discussed, two Microsoft employees have been fired as a result of their supposed involvement with the leaks. Those familiar with the situation have stated that one was based in Russia, while the other worked out of Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington.Since Microsoft doesn’t comment on employee terminations, we’ll have to trust the underground enthusiasts on this one for now – but there’s no reason to think that Microsoft wouldn’t eventually catch up to members of its own internal crew who might be passing off confidential pre-release builds.Will the leaks stop? Probably not, with OEM partners having access to Windows 8 as well – and Microsoft having far less power to track and control those outside its own organization. Instead, it may only cause a slight slowdown while people explore the darkened corners of cyberspace looking for someone else who’s willing to upload an ISO file.More at WinRumorslast_img read more