Adobe Makes FlashToHTML5 Conversion Easy

first_imgWhile Adobe isn’t a big fan of the fact that the iPad doesn’t support its ubiquitous Flash video standard, the company still wants to play a part in getting content on Apple’s iOS platform. So it has just released a new online tool that makes converting Flash into the iPad-friendly HTML5 format a piece of cake.Content creators can still create videos in Flash for the millions of Web viewers who can actually view it, and then plug it into the Adobe tool, Wallaby, when they’re ready to bring the same content over to the iPad.Streaming sound, embedded text, and ActionScript, as well as some 3D effects, cannot be converted to HTML5 with the tool. However, all the basic features like layers, font embedding, scenes, images, and FrameSets are all easily converted from one format to the other.Adobe recommends using Wallaby with iOS version 4.2 or later to prevent stability issues.Via EweekAdChoices广告last_img read more