Need for Speed Hot Pursuit premium DLC canceled for PC gamers

first_imgCriterion and EA have made a lot of PC gamers angry today by announcing that all the premium DLC planned for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit won’t be coming to PC. Console gamers will still be getting it, but PC gamers are being limited to updates that fix bugs.While that may save you spending more money on the game, if you’re actually enjoying playing and want more content you’re going to have to buy the console version. Criterion’s reason for deciding to do this doesn’t help matters. There’s no technical issue, no problem caused by distribution or licensing issues. No, the reason is quite simple (emphasis ours):Hey all, unfortunately we will not be releasing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit PDLC for the PC. While we are certainly committed to providing the best possible game experience and ongoing support for our PC community, (as you have already noted) we have a limited amount of resources that makes it so that we are unable to deliver new content to all platforms. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but on the positive side we do have more updates and content on the way for PC players–look for news very soon. In other words, Criterion believes focusing on console gamers is in its interests, which suggests they buy more premium content.What doesn’t add up is that Criterion is a part of EA, one of the largest developer/publishers in the world. Resources should not be an issue, again suggesting this is a decision based on potential revenue rather than a lack of resources. If that was the case then how did they get the PC game on the market in the first place?PC gamers who invested in the game are understandably not happy about this and have responded as such in the forums, as this post from user Paradise1993 demonstrates:What are these “limited resources”? You have these for PC but don’t have for the consoles? I thought you have saved all these resources to make a great PC game by not bringing out a PC demo! Guys, you are working for Electronic Arts, not for a small game company which nobody knows of! Although no premium DLC content may be coming to PC, Eurogamer rightly points out that we may eventually see an Ultimate collection released on PC much like EA did for Burnout Paradise.Read more at and the EA forumslast_img read more