How to make your own TSA naked XRay scanner

first_imgIf you’ve let reality penetrate your bubble of solipsism at all over the past few weeks, you’re probably aware that there’s been quite a bit of controversy over the TSA’s roll-out of scanning machines capable of seeing underneath your clothes to airports around the country… and maybe you’ve even wondered whether or not your portly frame would be captured flatteringly by the same.A cute hacker named Jeri Ellsworth worried the same thing, so she built her own version of a TSA scanner simply by modifying a satellite dish antenna. Reversing the operation of some key components, she was able to modify the LNB three horn array so that it can penetrate a layer of even sheetrock to show what’s underneath. It’s not as good as a TSA machine, of course: the Feds spend upwards of $150,000 each on the machine, and due to the somewhat lackluster nature of the source parts, Ellsworth’s version of the machine brings in naked X-Ray pictures at a decidedly lower resolution than could be hoped, largely due to its use of a wider wave length.Still, I’m excited about this DIY project. What better way to welcome your friends and relatives into your home this holiday season than by bombarding them in radiation as they enter their door, then seeing what they look like naked on an attached monitor. If they refuse, point to the mistletoe on the lintel, and have yourself an invasive grope. After all, it’s ChrisTSAmas!Read more at Hack A Daylast_img read more