Put the supervision into practice

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Most OH practitioners agree that “clinical” or”professional” supervision is a good idea. Having regular, protectedtime with a supervisor for in-depth reflection, enabling the practitioner todevelop their practice and be supported, is important whether in clinicalpractice, management or education. So why are OH nurses finding it hard to establish supervision in theirworkplaces? OH is not unique in finding problems in implementation, one cause beingresource constraints, mainly time and money to replace nurses while supervisiontakes place. The benefits have also been hard to evaluate, making it difficult to”sell” to management. The UKCC has recommended supervision but hasgiven little direction on what models to use, particularly in such a diversespeciality as OH. Perhaps part of the problem lies in OHNs seeing supervision as another taskinstead of an integral part of practice, as intended. Students completing theirOH education are expected to reflect on their development with tutors andplacement supervisors. This should continue throughout lifelong practice and beused to help demonstrate quality OH services. Through networking with OH colleagues, there appears to be some goodexamples of models of supervision in use. These practitioners have workedthrough the peripheral issues in introducing supervision and have establishedsystems either through one-to-one, group or peer supervision. These examplesshould be shared, including the problems, to guide others in implementing theprocess. One major issue is ensuring that any model provides “quality”supervision. How can this be achieved? It is important that a supervisor mustunderstand the principles and skills of supervision and can work in areflective way with the supervisee. A supervisor should be working from an experienced professional practiceviewpoint and have an educated understanding of the surrounding issues, such asthe ethical and theoretical perspectives, to help develop professionaljudgement. The difficulties in accessing supervisors and developing standards are beingdiscussed at a national level and solutions will follow in time. Before thenlet us share our experiences and move forward in integrating supervision intopractice. Linda Maynard is coordinating a working party on supervision for theAOHNP Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Put the supervision into practiceOn 1 May 2000 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more