Detroit Auto Show Top Tech Cars Chrysler 300

first_imgDETROIT – More driver assistance and infotainment technology make the reskinned 3011 Chrysler 300 an even more interesting part of the Chrysler line-up. Most important is the Safety Tec group that can include adaptive cruise control with collision warning, front and rear parking sonar, blind spot detection with rear cross path detection (when backing), and steerable xenon lighting. The UConnect Touch infotainment displays comprises a touchscreen radio with an 8.4-inch LCD and (some models) Garmin navigation. There’s a big center stack LCD screen, called UConnect Touch by Chrysler, on Chrysler 300 models, not just navigation-equipped cars. That makes it easier to control an iPod or satellite radio. UConnect Touch is what every car will have in 5-10 years; the automakers are just too cheap, or dumb, to realize it. Or they’ve realized it and their long lead times means you won’t see it for years to come. Remember that it took three years for the first automaker to add an iPod interface. The Chrysler 300 Safety Tec package is an expansion of what’s already offered on the 2010 Town & Country minivans. Ford has a couple years head start on two of features offered in Safety Tec: adaptive cruise control with collision warning, and blind spot detection with rear cross path detection (Ford calls it cross-traffic alert). Like Ford, unlike many European and Japanese automakers, this is safety priced so middle-class car buyers can be as safe as Wall Street investment bankers driving investment banker-priced luxury cars.  The car has been reskinned but, fear not: If you’re a fan of chrome, Chrysler hasn’t cut back there. Category:  Mainstream car with affordable tech Why it matters: The Safety Tec package expands here and remains cheap. A big LCD standard on non-navigation-equipped cars is where the industry is headed. Chrysler needs every big hit (Jeep Grand Cherokee) and moderate hit (2011 reskinning of the Chrysler 300) it can get after years as the weakest U.S. automaker. Gearlog mobile’s Top 2011 Detroit Auto Show Tech Cars: Mind-Boggling Hybrid Technology – Porsche 918 RSR Mainstream Hybrid Technology – Toyota Prius C World Car (That Americans Will Buy) – Ford C Class Affordable Sporty Car with Useful Technology – Hyundai Veloster Mainstream Car with Affordable Tech – Chrysler 300last_img read more