As the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon er you concern is not only the site of weight

guest network marketing is a good use of webmaster tools, users can use the network marketing customer query site included and ranking, especially for the majority of extrapolation staff, guest network marketing is a good tool, easy to import.


for the weight of the website, it is only a reference information, rather than as a quality and quality of the site of the standard for evaluation. As the owners of the house and love stand nets such third party webmaster tools platform, website weight value is given a just third party Webmaster Platform give their own website reference standard, not like Shanghai, 360 search search engine to give the weight of their own website ranking, search engine for website has its own a set of the evaluation standard, have a mature standard for evaluation system on every web site. As the site of the Shanghai dragon Er, and spend a lot of time and attention to the third party Webmaster Platform given website weight and included rankings, rather than think to write some high quality original article seriously, on the station to do some high quality chain exchange, or find some good quality websites do Links exchange etc. is the embodiment of website promotion optimization excellent. read more

How to avoid overnight and idea chain construction situation

many webmaster feel the chain is a hard job, so they took some extreme measures, either of these extreme measures is a task that is either one, what is more is to take a random method, in the face of this situation there are many sites were K, but some webmaster or as in the past, no end, a look back: domain name registration 10, leased space 10, invested no less than 1500 yuan, is given a "0".

The chain

cluster and the chain is not stable

and one site outside the chain is not stable, today there may be 1000 tomorrow, site outside the chain was reduced to more than 100, this is not the stability of the chain, if the website chain appear this kind of circumstance, this represents your site from the day is not far away from the spider, I do stand for so long now, that the chain or slowly, treat them as your wife, gentle life, cultivate feelings, the website of the chain also is such a simple philosophy of life. read more