The noble baby began to use standard page 404


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page screenshot earlier


UPDATE: Jimmy Xu reader for piercing eye reminder, this 404 page has a typo, in the title should be the final to hit three last exclamation mark, a figure of 1, Shift was apparently the key early…


Below is the

404 page earlier, if you enter /email or /blog associated with URL, the noble baby file not found the page will include a search box and nobility baby some nobility baby service links.

noble baby quietly opened a new 404 page, a xxx not found this page relative to the previous dry is more clear, more interesting, I only want to do not understand is why the right of the robot is not Android

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One of the Shanghai Dragon technology is poor in Shanghai Longfeng effect

to the Shanghai Dragon technology, poor in Shanghai Longfeng effect, many of the details of the Shanghai dragon optimization seems not important, but if we pay attention to the details of these words, is multiplied by its own efforts to enhance the optimization. The new site may be for this concept is very vague, in fact, if we can understand the basic principle of the love of spiders in Shanghai work which is in the clear, the spider will time for Internet based site analysis, and in essence this spider is a program, since the program is if the analysis is very meticulous, at code level, we adjust some of the details can improve the optimization degree of the reason is this.

facts Shanghai dragon is this point of a Seiko deliberately can not be changed, we can only take a tough approach is counterproductive, this effect is also reflected, we can through many traditional or not and Shanghai Dragon technology, even the use of this technology is also not ignore the search engine spiders the. Even now many of the technical implementation of bad words will also hinder our site promotion. read more

How to optimize the benefit for the enterprise owners

two, increase the number of sites, which is specific and easy to optimize

let me tell you about my personal point of view: Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization

to the tricks of learning, do not blindly.

Finally, some suggestions about

webmaster how to avoid the benefit for the enterprise edge

optimization not only need mentality, and method.

a word, industry competition is too fierce, we should be involved in the long tail word

as a company employee, whether you because no benefits have been brought to the enterprise boss out of

now love Shanghai undulator ups and downs do you think, enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng road has become the

don’t hold a difficult word has been made, should be gradual.

love Shanghai too much promotion and popular word optimization effort, so the optimization is very demanding, we should find the customer search is not long but must have one of the search words, optimization is easy, and the conversion rate is very high! For the core word even if the ranking is again good, the traffic is very small, but the long tail words can be countless. This will greatly increase your exposure rate. read more

Love Shanghai to improve the user experience of new changes you did not find

for advertisers, we all know that Shanghai and Shanghai bid put love love alliance is as a "burning" live, but for the love of Shanghai alliance advertising advertisers are most worried about in addition to malicious invalid clicks that the conversion rate is too low, and the love of Shanghai alliance precise matching technology on the line, according to a recent Shanghai love alliance keywords visitors search records matching, matching advertisements tend to visitors who are really interested in, the conversion rate will be relatively increased, to some extent reduce the advertisers advertising spending.


two, fell in love with the sea > 100

technology is a love of Shanghai senior engineer Yang Yang and his team developed, because the $one million reward this innovative R & D Engineer Yang Yang in April Xiamen love Shanghai owners meeting Robin Li. In fact, this is the love of Shanghai alliance advertising can be highly correlated with the web page content matching, in fact, the use of love Shanghai union of friends you will find love, recently Shanghai alliance advertising is relatively more accurate, through my observation on the web advertising and visitors recently search records, for this the three class user experience is a big promotion. read more

How to achieve the ultimate master station optimization

blog title and site title is Shuttle blog, now officially designated as: network marketing blog. Although the blog content in Shanghai dragon, but after all, Shanghai dragon is a kind of network marketing methods, and Shuttle will study various network marketing methods, will not only Shanghai dragon, in writing to be related to Email marketing, viral marketing, network advertising planning. In order to cover the full temporarily set network marketing blog.

link at the bottom of the site not too wasteful, Shuttle put some minor keywords in this position, such as: Xingtai, Xingtai Shanghai dragon company website optimization, Links on Shanghai dragon consultants, Shanghai dragon service word.

recently carried out some optimization and adjustment of the blog site. The anchor text and the construction of the chain of Shuttle didn’t have much time to do outside the station, so in order to make the station optimization ranking can only play the biggest role. read more

Live site where

said the energy is limited, I have to say another problem caused by the limited energy is the latest change labels and busy station in the chain, can not do a few outside the chain! There is not to make a website more conducive to the layout of the segmentation algorithm; then the content of the web site update by Brian figure teacher, but he is also energy is limited, so the website traffic is always fluctuated, please allow me to make a sudden dash, because I suddenly want to summarize a biggest problem: why small and medium-sized site daily flow over a million little? It is because


finally, please allow me to close my eyes to ask a sentence: the road live in where? (source: visitors love to see 贵族宝贝65h贵族宝贝/vedio/hot/


website there is the problem of jump out rate is very high, for the query class website jump out rate is high not what is normal, but for entertainment video sites, jump out too high has been heralded a serious problem, the problem is to find the signal unstable! But the bad thing is that this problem to solve a lot of time and energy, but also every week spent a lot of time and effort, and doing all heavy work, which is why a lot of students by gathering for the video site to two ways: one is to break out of the station group, the other is a tiger interactive community station. read more

How to look for the original content of love Shanghai

love Shanghai how to determine the original content, this is a big problem of the webmaster, I do optimization work Xiaofeng lottery website, focuses on the analysis of the problem. I love the Shanghai will index to the database. Is how to judge, this is my problem. Through the study of Xiaofeng lottery website 贵族宝贝 for a period of time, Shanghai found love on innovation of the article, update the article special favor. I am a page on the site to do different jobs, a page to update every day, the original article, another page update speed is slow, the article mostly for the acquisition, the data analysis results show that often update. The original high page love Shanghai is love, included very much.

1, love Shanghai how to determine the original content of

has always been a hot topic of discussion for the webmaster "love Shanghai original content", in the adjustment of the algorithm constantly love Shanghai, support the original, this topic is more widely circulated on the internet. Although we say different, but when it comes to the original point, the content of the web site plagued many webmaster, Xiaofeng lottery website I do, this was also the original problems for a long time. If the original article is easy to write, then there is no problem what, like some large sites, every day to update the contents of hundreds of articles, with original articles of words, obviously not realistic. How will the original content website, we still need to analyze from Shanghai to love the original article in view. read more

Modify the site title and several forms of risk coefficient

title would be dangerous to modify the site down the right, we are going to change it, not because a website It is without rhyme or reason.! Title difficult one will be able to write, and never change, unless you do the site, to throw aside, not to management. And if you care about him, and to let him have the traffic conversion! One thing modified title is also very common, especially when the site make weight, some keywords title has not been able to meet most people’s desire or want to choose, click keywords relatively large, so I have a site traffic a increases in the level of the degree of risk! Here is the website title to modify several forms and modified

related keywords. The site should not have the right of drop is dangerous, do not increase too much, say their website was only two words, want to add a up, like the risk should be very small! And some Adsense is difficult to meet, a website since Title wrote thousands of words! This is the test method directly added search engine patience! Want to let you down the right site is reasonable! Even your hair pulled out, leaving only a home page is not possible! You should do too much read more

How to reasonable bidding promotion account consumption in the budget

SEM specialist all know, no matter do for promotion in which the platform has the function of budget setting. While the budget setting is set according to the intensity of competition in the industry and the daily average volume of the account. Of course, each company will according to the ratio of input to output customized daily budget is how much.

is really reasonable consumption according to the consumption of key account to assess. Do SEM know, pattern matching keywords can be roughly divided into 3 kinds: extensive and accurate phrases and. The accuracy is too low due to extensive keywords, usually by SEM Commissioner to give up, so the exact phrases and two matching modes are the most frequent. Xiaobian for promotion has been engaged in 3 years of time, is also a small experience. For these two kinds of phrases and precise pattern matching, small series have different positioning of its. read more

Love Shanghai refused to link tool function and the detailed description of the use of

1, delete the entire domain: the user submitted URL, if the choice is the domain name, then delete the chain throughout the domain;

in addition, users can choose to download data, will submit a list of links to download to a local computer. It is worth noting that the chain cannot delete cancel or delete, please use caution. Each site monthly refused to link 500 times, more than 500 are unable to successfully reject links.

2, link refused can not be revoked or deleted, please use caution.

2, the tool will follow functional upgrades, welcome to submit feedback in tools upgrade recommendations solicitation activities.


2, delete a channel: if the choice is a channel, then delete the chain channel;

3, a directory: if the choice is a directory, delete the chain directory;

4, a page under the. That is to say if the choice is only on the page, the page is effective, has no effect on other pages under the domain name. read more