The method of Web Mining batch of long tail keywords

generally speaking, expand the way of long tail keywords are the following:

like quiz platform love Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer, these integrated, all walks of life will have a quiz, although the full promotion and advertising a lot of questions, but there are also a large number of real users ask, so a large part of the long tail word may be unexpected we brainstorm, is another the long tail word after the back-end search engine keyword tools and flow statistics background keywords mining expansion method.

in Shanghai know that search for a target keywords, there will be many problems associated with this keyword, and then search through the many related issues, and there will be more on this key problem, so the cycle of the long tail keywords available resources is endless. read more

The industry website is down right on how to handle the love of Shanghai

2. for two weeks, see the website related data, site domain and domain domain is the home page, included is reduced, website ranking is recovery, if found that everything is normal can try published original articles on the site, attract spider crawling included see effect, if included normal, it proves that the website is only slightly reduced right, can be recovered within two weeks. If you find your love Shanghai before the second original, this time is not included, you will have to pay attention to whether the station optimization and the construction of the chain over the front page, check the anchor text keyword density, distribution of natural or personal love is 10 article 64: 6 text with no anchor, 4 with the anchor text, ensure that the home in the inside of the anchor link, not every one is the anchor text of the read more

Fool Shanghai dragon operation method

literal meaning understanding Shanghai dragon is "color Oh" means, is to do the site attractive to users and search spider’s appetite for hanging up, and make each other in the next scene enjoy…… SEM’s personal understanding should be "color." [see], not SM, is SEM.

contact SEM (search engine marketing) [amateur, non professional, more real] since it has just two years of effort, Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) a little, but found that Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) are very easy to extremes:

Many in the


search engine of the world: information is needed to retrieve the screening, small and medium-sized site started to rely on search engine promotion as the only way to get even traffic to the site, so how to make the search engine is the website operation shoes every day very tight problem. read more

Do small businesses do not need to do the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


small business Shanghai Longfeng price

training institutions, Shanghai dragon do not improve your website ranking in the search engines, but in fact it makes the site more reasonable. When your site application in Shanghai Longfeng, your entire site architecture level has been greatly improved. Finally, your site to bring more traffic to you, help you earn more money than.

for your entire site, Shanghai dragon can bring a lot of

this is perhaps the hackneyed and stereotyped expressions the good old saying, "out of sight, out of mind". Is this sentence is very good in your online business. As we have said "why some small and medium enterprises should attach great importance to Shanghai dragon" because your customers are looking for you, they can find you? If you do not appear in the search results, you are not there for them ". Now more than ever customer impatience, no more patience. No search engine results to a page of the page, if your business does not appear in the first few, basically can be said to be ignored. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain analysis tools to the webmaster of the enlightenment

from the Ningbo Century Network Technology Co. Ltd. 贵族宝贝 original share, starting A5, reproduced please bring links, thank you.

love Shanghai analysis tools to help us from the source of the link, link pages and link name, gives a detailed analysis of the data. In general, the number is more "link, the name of the corresponding link matching, is given to the" love Shanghai search word ranking will be more in front. Through the chain analysis tools we can analyse, now love Shanghai for the bare chain also gives a certain weight, and determine the link content is no longer a single anchor text, which provides more possibilities for many webmaster want to do anchor text.

The chain

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain analysis tools introduced, have a more intuitive understanding of foreign chain let the webmaster. In the past we do Shanghai Longfeng, check collection, chain and ranking is essential every day, because there is no exact data analysis report, check the chain into a lot of stationmaster judgment of the chain number based on YAHOO. Love Shanghai domain instructions in use today, due to the inaccuracy of the search results, has been unable to meet the needs of the chain webmaster for the analysis, we determine the weight of the website to the chain, but also only stay in number. read more

How to make the construction site optimization of Shanghai dragon play Butterfly Effect

navigation design plays a very important role in the entire web page, it is an important carrier of information website. A good navigation can attract Sprider fast crawl, crawl to the other corner of the site so deep, so that web content maximum transmitted to the search engine. In small series, text navigation is the most reasonable, you can use the div+css to replace the traditional design, can also use a unique design to attract users of eyeball. If you really do not want to use, then use a picture, but remember to add a picture of the ALT attribute. Remember, do not use the flash and JavaScript, because the search engine can’t find the hidden URL path. In addition, the entire site especially the total navigation should be used instead of absolute strength of the way, the relative strength of the way. Many site builders in order to facilitate the local test, most of the relative path, but for the weight of the website and search engine grab is unfavorable. read more

Adsense union expects to achieve local payments by the end of the yearMobile nternet business flow

gold plow entrepreneurial feeling is that, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, ink weather, whether in Saipan platform or Android and apple IOS, the amount of users are growing faster and faster. He also revealed that ink weather conducted an international version of the attempt, but the market response is not very good, he suggested that entrepreneurs if you want to enter the international market, we must do more research.

love to help network CEO Liu Jianguo noticed, has attracted much attention in the development of the past 2012 LBS and O2O, such as apple and shlf1314 maps, which he thinks is of a strategic move in move. He also suggested that if we do the mobile Internet business, we must pay attention to two points: one is some characteristics of the mobile phone, for example, to make full use of the advantages of LBS. Second sharpen, this product in the end solved what problem, touched the user which pain point, this is very important. read more

360 good search not to do bad things Larry domain fuchangfusui

renamed Chinese ( January 6th hearing, the search is good, users have the final say. Users applauded the search, it is a good search. 360 good search threatened not to do bad things, together with Larry domain haosou贵族宝贝 stage.

was renamed Chinese whois information query, "magic mirror" zhaoyaojing贵族宝贝, "peace of mind share of anxingou贵族宝贝, liangxinyi贵族宝贝, and conscience" Kaleidoscope "wanhuatong贵族宝贝," you talk "suixintan贵族宝贝 domain name had been registered, and" touch word search "mozisou贵族宝贝" domain name, the domain name zhoubianhao贵族宝贝 is around "yesterday was registered.


now, 360 search launched a new brand of "search", its brand philosophy coincide, aims to do better, truly "serving the people", and strive to become Chinese users favorite and trusted brand search. The Larry domain haosou贵族宝贝 than previously so贵族宝贝 is more straightforward, more moral, good search, do not do bad things! This is the origin of good. read more

Adhere to is victory by K website full record


this day lasted more than a month, included a fluctuating trend, but still lags behind the snapshot for a week, what causes included fluctuation? Why snapshot still lags behind these two problems? Let us remain perplexed despite much thought, then we make bold assumptions, may be a mistake to love Shanghai website now we are in prison, although the site of his sentence, but it is still the focus of concern, so any wind sways grass may lead to fluctuations in site, so we should also increase the content of the chain and efforts, continue to adhere to the executive.

chain of work, adhere to adhere to adhere to the

started the chain we positioned on the high quality of the chain, careful selection of dozens of weight is high, included fast forum, question answering system, the chain on a different platform every day, the number of dozens of appearance, with particular emphasis on the love of Shanghai know, search the Q & A, and the chain of some high weight stationmaster net. At the same time or to continue according to the original website article. read more

Entrepreneurial official website optimization how to do

website construction and Optimization:

website is because of structural problems, the initial layout is not conducive to optimization. The graphic content is too small, cool effect and pure picture content too much, resulting in search engine not included.

Optimization of The original

we are business owners and entrepreneurs share enterprise website optimization five steps, if you feel good, can be reproduced in the collection.

website will almost certainly be better, of course I refers to the value of the original, rather than the content read hastily and without thinking. The correlation search engine will automatically identify the content and website content can be read. That is to say you send in your own website content can be found on other platforms. This will determine the content of the search engine spiders can read good value. read more