What does your site depend on to retain visitors personal experience

I do

station for more than a year, although there have been failures, but ultimately successful, people are now talking about – Nan – sister, played all praise, and www.zizinan.com became a well-known Web site will be the number of female friends. I’ve learned a lot in this process,

if your site is mostly based on search engine traffic, there are no fixed visitors (this fixed, non fixed traffic, but often users of your website),

I hope this article will help you.

personal feeling now difficult to do station (the same station too much), unless you have their own strengths, have their own hobbies that stations communicate with their peers, not to think about what SEO, or other ad, if you stand really have visitors want, they will remember your site.

is now purely by the search engine’s Web site is also very much, like some intelligent system, is a pure acquisition where the [pv is not high, visitors come and go, to find the content on your station didn’t have a lot of interest, although there are visitors, although there are traffic, but if a the day was K, who will come to visit. So good content is the key to] read more

Some ideas on the development of traditional enterprise electricity supplier

1, foreword

work in the Internet industry for nearly 3 years (individual stationmaster, the electricity supplier, now back to the traditional enterprise), facing the traditional enterprises to enter the field of electricity supplier tide, for traditional enterprises to enter the field of electricity providers, some ideas to record.

I am employed in this thesis only the enterprise business development as an example, because I did not work in the Department of the company’s electricity supplier, electricity providers do not know much, just according to the previous electricity supplier in the traditional enterprise work experience and work experience with a little idea.

I am now working in the traditional lighting industry (instead of LED lighting industry), which belongs to the sunset industry, is to enter the Internet industry, if you have a Guangzhou, Shenzhen, near Foshan on the website operation promotion, business promotion, SEO jobs want to recommend. read more

Site name change can not let the domain name

has several webmaster website asked me, do not know what direction can think, what the industry Web site, the portal site is done, now in distress, the domain name change type on the site may not follow change, arguably, not the future of the station could not use the domain name to do to /p>! "I have a small

Jiangxi news network www.gnnzi.com, the domain name is not very good, but PR is not willing to just 3, no, and no matter what type of station, all within two days was included in BAIDU, PR should be a little higher benefits, take this time to say it do any one station, less than five days to change, but the record is still very good, many owners are likely to have the same experience, what method can let the site completely change, the domain name will not suffer? I think there are several aspects: read more

Which kind of coding is better for choosing websites

webmaster who sits on the website will always encode questions. Is it good to choose GB2312 or UTF-8 in web page?

generally speaking, in terms of speed, Chinese web pages use GB2312 language, and English pages use UTF-8 language (or GB2312, but generally English pages don’t use GB2312), so they have ideal speed.

This is because the

in the web page file, GB2312 language (ANSI file encoding) a full width is 2 bytes, UTF-8 language (UTF-8 file encoding) a full width is 3 bytes. Half-width character in ANSI encoding and UTF-8 encoding, accounting for a byte. The reason why English pages do not use GB2312 language is that some foreign users may need to install language packs.

, as discussed earlier, if the Chinese Web page uses UTF-8 language, it will take up more of the server’s CPU, memory and hard disk resources, and the speed will be a little slower. If the site visits are large, you need to consider this aspect of the factors, Chinese web pages using GB2312 language can promote about 10% to 30% of the performance, access speed will be faster. read more

Through the success of the Papi sauce in basketball how does the quality red net operate

short video, spoof, weird sounds, Papi sauce and other red label, he also has.

, whether retired Kobe, Duncan, or active James, Wei less, curry, he has been black all over,

king of Sacramento team had to spend $155 million to sign him was the strongest in the history of Satsujin,

through the efforts over the past year, the great God has tens of millions of fans around the world, despite the imitation, but he explained the true meaning of basketball in a different way.

yes, he is: Brandon, Armstrong,

, if you’re not familiar with it, let’s meet him again: NBA, imitate the emperor,


NBA unsuccessful rookie can play out a lot of people, real net Red Imitation emperor is a, today, let Li Gen classmate take you to see how a high-quality web red operation,


one, big premise: industry soil is more fertile, read more

Secret micro business XX large team recruiting small agent scam

I am a first derivative newcomer in a circle in the micro District, I want to talk today about how lucky I am to meet this powerful team. Before I observed in the circle for a long time, there is a XXX team, quite cattle, cattle how to reflect their circle of hair every day what content,


one, the monthly flow of more than eight figures, eight digit ah, friends;

two, daily replenishment can not stop the rhythm, 50 boxes are not enough today, the night is still replenishment, oh, agents do not rush me, I will go crazy!


three, a variety of programs to help the team to play advertising, "brand road (the original program is the brand story)", "space-time dialogue" column group and other famous brand columns, to help the team to do publicity, advertising, promotion, including "happy" one family "brand" ah where such stars gathered hot file; read more

n fact Baidu included is not difficult

I know a lot of people just started a website, with their own passion to do a website, but Baidu is not included, so that their passion for some extreme grief, a webmaster, delete the site that Baidu not included is abandoned.

but not really. Baidu is actually a "machine of principle". It doesn’t look down upon you, but you despise it. Why would I say that,


first site is not friendly? This is a point that is rampant in this website era, a friendly site or a little higher user experience site, can definitely get a high score, the score is to see you, I’ve been in many sites, one into the pop-up window and some advertising interface, although you can say that this is my garbage station, but even you think that is rubbish station site? Don’t know Baidu is


second is the original problem, regardless of your original false original, or really write their own articles or these are original, as long as the original Baidu will love you, many websites are directly copied to others, a collector, convenient, simple, but not Baidu? Bird you, you know that Baidu has seen tens of thousands of times, if you see an article several times, do not trouble trouble? So, do not look down on the Baidu IQ, you have to do is to do a little bit of the original, even if only one day a read more

Domain name Pong tycoon get large flow similar to well known websites how to get traffic

"Pong tycoon" used to be a bad word. However, the domain name "bangdakuan" property has changed, not to say this is a commendatory terms, but at least is neutral. If you have a domain name that is similar to a large web site, you can easily get good traffic. Domain names that are easy to remember are essential to building a popular site. Now the most famous sites are basically using Chinese Larry domain, like baidu.com, taobao.com and dangdang.com.

early three portals appear, Shuangpin domain name hasn’t been such a fire, the website marked western style, love a English homophonic name, such as Sina Sina, Sohu Sohu. At that time, the general has not yet realized that at the same time to register a similar domain name for brand protection, it will give many domain names (domain name applications) investors left an opportunity. read more

A grass root webmaster on the exploring track

            I am a website built almost a year’s Web site, the road is not much, but there are a few new Adsense experience is worth a warning, this is also the reason why I wasted so much time, this is from this website it started.

first: choose a clear theme.


in the construction of a website you want to do what good is your main website, so you can select a website and content related domain, so that people from the domain name can be seen at a glance what is your website. For example, www.admin5.com, we can also see at a glance, no doubt that the webmaster network, www.yangchun.biz, we all know that Yangchun web site, what is specific content, we are only suspected. The theme is a site soul, without a clear question, will give others a look very messy feeling, that is generally a few seconds to enter the site you first feel your website is not belong to the kind of website he wanted. If he thinks your website’s content is his favorite topic, he might be a regular visitor to your site, and it’s a good number to accumulate a visit. read more

Do station two years of sentiment for novice

first, remember these two sentences: the harder you work, the better your luck will be!

the first time behind two years ago, that is I accidentally on the China owners and advertising forum inside to see an article by predecessors wrote about Linghu shrimp garbage station Posts mentioned in the outdated forum, it can be said that this post changed my life.

When I went to college in

, I would do some simple websites, which were also done at the time, but I never thought it would make money. When the senior also made the Internet the most basic Wangzhuan, such as click, email, surf, search, and bonus, registration and etc.. Unfortunately, the breakthrough was not great. I was thinking that if I could earn four thousand or five thousand dollars a month, I wouldn’t have to go to work! It’s a pity that one year has passed, and when I graduate, I earn less than 2000 dollars! read more