The first virtual enterprise park

now social entrepreneurs need to have a good business environment, at the same time, the society and the government are now actively trying to create a good environment for people to go into business, recently, the first virtual business park was established.

9 1, by the innovation industry in Xi’an Beilin university with the CMC, to the construction of smart city Chinese leader Digital China Corp to build enterprise integration services platform.

it is reported that the enterprise integration services platform to meet the needs of enterprise and innovation team needs as the core, with "Internet plus service" government aggregation service resources, Research Institute of innovation resources, public service resources and professional services market resources, through the integration of the web client, mobile terminals, self-service terminals and services hall and other channels, to provide personalized service lifecycle for small and micro enterprises, construction elements of business ecosystem, a full range of supporting public entrepreneurship, innovation. read more

Yang Guofu spicy hot support to join what

as Malatang joined the top project brand, behind the popular the tremendous attractive business opportunities, joining Yang Guofu Malatang will not do, the integrity of the brand must will give you the most powerful support to reassure you business. Yang Guofu will join the following hot spicy support:

1, market research: the company will apply for the franchise operators to operate the region to do a full range of surveys, and appointed marketing specialist to visit, to assist applicants to make accurate investment analysis report;

2, site investigation: find a location is key to successful shop to join, the headquarters of the all customer requirements to join the site selection, send professional fieldwork, after a comprehensive analysis, put forward a proposal;

3, store design: the company will join the business of the actual situation of the most reasonable store decoration design, in order to unify the brand image, to meet the CIS requirements of the company; read more

What problems should be paid attention to for the first time

many people want to start a business, but for inexperienced friends, entrepreneurship is not a simple thing. If you want to succeed in business, you must first pay attention to some problems. Here is a brief introduction to the small business should pay attention to what the problem, come and see.

should not bring it to entrepreneurship.

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Hand cake features franchise brand

said hand grasping cake we are not unfamiliar, snack street, one of the essential snacks, but also can be described as part of our memories of the university. A class rushed out of the school gate went straight to the hand grasping cake stalls, that can not wait to bite the feeling, think it will miss. For small business entrepreneurs to join the cake is absolutely your choice. The following small series to introduce some of the more popular hand to join the brand cake.

Xiangba hand grasping cake

said hand cake join which good most of the investors also believe that this project can bring benefits, in Xiangba hand grasping cake here the hand cake does not need the so-called operation technology, but each one made out of hand cake taste and the quality of clearance, is also good this is, many consumers choose Xiangba Handle Clutch cake, one of the reasons why good things we view is the same. read more

How to open glasses shop

at present, there are many investors are optimistic about the glasses store investment, but also love and fear, because the glasses retail seemingly insignificant, but is an extremely complex operating system, professional eye test, lens processing, contact lens fitting and customer service service etc.. So, how to open glasses store? Xiaobian for everyone in detail.

one thing: choose to join the chain of glasses

in recent years, the emergence of a new chain of popular glasses shop is not in the minority, but there are a lot of glasses chain no fire how long disappeared. It can be said, to join the chain almost every year to re shuffle the glasses shop, which will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of the glasses shop chain entrepreneurs choose to join. Therefore, the choice of glasses shop to join, we must stand the test of the market: chain management system has at least 5 years or more. To investigate the integrity of the franchisee, management skills, education, etc., the most important thing is to join the business philosophy must be consistent with the enterprise. Have engaged in glasses management experience; if it is entrusted with the operation, there is no need to carefully study; and directly involved in the operation, in the choice of biased when not engaged in glasses industry to join us, because have the experience, it is difficult to change the original business model and now join headquarters approval. Therefore, this can be said to open up a do not follow the new investment path. read more

Some experience in the daily necessities store

life is composed of a simple and common things and daily necessities of life to many, and are generally very affordable prices, daily necessities of life is every family an indispensable product, although the price of a single product is not expensive, but the profit outlook is very wide, is now a lot of entrepreneurs promising investment choose. I have a relative is a daily necessities store, his shop has about eighty square meters, the business is doing a good job. Because close, so often go to their store, their business is very understanding, I hope you can help.

a, site

how to open a commodity store? The location is very important, because the business is general merchandise goods, consumer groups are mainly residents and units, choose to shop in a residential area near the school, large and medium-sized enterprises, the focus is preferred, or near the large flow of people in the market. read more

Meishan industrial enterprises idle assets investment

In the process of economic development, it is of great significance to optimize the allocation of resources in a timely manner in

! This time, the city of Meishan idle assets for industrial enterprises, the thematic investment, the effective use of these industrial enterprises. Let us look at the specific details.

yesterday, Meishan city held a special industrial enterprises idle assets investment promotion, the meeting, the 30 stock assets through the transfer, leasing, joint stock and other way to find new "husband", the contract amount of 4 billion 500 million yuan. Wang Wankun, deputy director of the provincial Commission by letter, the mayor of Meishan, vice mayor of the city of China, such as the letter by the director of the Commission, attended the meeting, such as director of the board of directors, such as Bai Linggui, chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, such as the mayor of the city of China, such as the city of. More than and 200 companies from all over the country participants. read more

Nanjing individual entrepreneurs can apply for a maximum of 100 thousand yuan of small loans


is more and more entrepreneurial projects to reduce the threshold for entrepreneurship, investment is not high, but there are still a lot of entrepreneurs due to funding problems, has been reluctant to join the venture market, to provide funding for entrepreneurs, have introduced the corresponding policy.

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