How to make a better experience for the guests in the new era

bar culture in the rise of the country, many cities opened a bar, and which can be grasped to meet the needs of contemporary people for the bar? How can we get the favor of customers? Wrong to learn Arnold.

the empty glass in the eyes of others, it is waiting for the present wonderful works of the blank canvas in DaveArnold. In the fashion capital of New York, Arnold created a fashion bar BookerandDax. For him, each prepared a cocktail like in the completion of a liquid Art: whether Manhattan, Martini or Margaret, from the birth of his hands are called cocktail almost meticulously painted scroll, cocktail with the cup body shaking and stirring, each sip can taste different flavors and rich subtle differences.

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Zhejiang dream factory 7 to build a full range of entrepreneurial incubation chain

is now around in order to give many of the entrepreneurs to create a good social environment, have introduced a lot of entrepreneurial measures in Zhejiang are now in full range of build business incubator chain, in order to promote people entrepreneurial activities.

UAV, sedentary tester, electronic chip…… Only 5 months of the establishment of Yinzhou District No. 7, DreamWorks has hit off the factory is a "full house", more than and 10 of the project team, more than 50 guests get together here, brainstorming brainstorming.

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Transportation infrastructure construction of Zhengzhou Metro Line 2 to speed up construction

is the so-called: "want to rich first road" for the construction of transportation infrastructure, is a thing that can not be slack, especially with the rapid development of science and technology, the construction of the subway is also a matter of necessity. The morning of November 24th, the Zhengzhou city Orbital Corporation held a press briefing in the fourteen Bureau of China Railway Zhengzhou metro project department, the reporter learned that the two phase of the project plan, Metro Line 2 start at the end of the month. Due to the needs of construction, will be part of the green space along the street and transplant.

due to the needs of construction, subway line two, the first phase of the project is in urgent need of Huayuan Road to the streets of the west section of the road to the golden section of green, Kaiyuan Road, Huayuan Road to Jiangshan part of the green trees and street seedlings. After repeated on-site observation, and communicate with the garden department consultation, need to temporarily occupy space of 70 thousand square meters, transplanted Fatong, wax, willow, Mount Huangshan, Luan, cedar, Ligustrum, loquat trees more than 4000 trees. read more

The store opened in the four areas of business fire to burst

often hear investors complain, it is easy to find a good project, the funds have been put together, but found that the shop site has become an obstacle. Do you have everything, only to implement the store this "Dongfeng"? So, how to find a business "golden treasure"? The shop opened in the four lots, business to the fire burst.

According to a nine

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The beauty salon shop location techniques three strategies to teach you choose gold treasure

no matter what business to do, where to shop is the primary problem faced by entrepreneurs. Many friends want to open a beauty salon, but do not know how to site. So, beauty shop location what skills? Today Xiaobian for everyone to support a few strokes, interested friends may wish to take a look at.

now popular argument is "scientific location", once a popular science shop location, and often do you admire very much, common practice is: a person holding a stopwatch to stand on the street to calculate the flow of people; engage in a huge map in the above description of pictures; two person days take a book stand in the street a few heads, calculate the flow of people; or make a complicated computation scoring system, and then determine the 500 meters in a large shopping mall points, 300 meters have an open-air market reduction…… And so on and so forth. read more

The invention of the university students to prevent stepping on the wrong brake device and strive to

every time to see the brakes on the road as a step on the accelerator, passers-by know that this is either a novice on the road, or is the driver. The road killer was born here, a small accident is not terrible, terrible is the cause of disaster.

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The martial arts blessed business park officially opened

in order to attract more business, but also to promote the development of local entrepreneurship, and now there are a number of entrepreneurial parks throughout the country. The martial arts · blessed business park has also recently officially opened, which can meet more the needs of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and career development leap better.

recently, · focus on the introduction of the martial arts district; blessed business park officially opened. It is reported that the park a total area of about 8600 square meters, is a blessed business park since its inception in 2011 fourth business incubator Park, although the area is the smallest, but the location advantage is obvious, may be from the Wulin Square of a business park recently, straight-line distance of 1.5 km range. read more

5 19 China Sea Science Park officially settled in Guangzhou

with the continuous development of science and technology, the industry continued to upgrade. At present, Guangzhou to build marine industries as the focus of high-tech enterprises, e-commerce enterprises, innovation and entrepreneurship. Below we for the specific situation, do some understanding.

5 19, aims to create a first-class sea science and technology benchmark Park, the sea science and Technology Park in Guangzhou officially settled in the sea, which also marks the successful transformation and upgrading of the city of Guangzhou shipyard project.

Guangzhou science and Technology Park inspired by the holding of enlightenment and China ocean shipping group strong build, the park is located in Guangzhou Haizhuqu District city in an original shipyard site, on the east of Luoxi Bridge, north of Guangzhou City, South Central Expressway, south of the main channel of the Pearl River, covers an area of 62 thousand and 200 square meters. read more