Daily topics burn wars again Word of mouth network to push the 1 billion people to open the shop

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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 25th news, recently announced the launch of word-of-mouth network into 1 billion universal shop plan, universal shop plans to recruit 1 million "word of mouth" in 2 months, with 100 thousand stores.

in June this year, Alibaba group and ant financial services group jointly invested 6 billion, set up a local life service platform company reputation". Word of mouth as the Ant King of the O2O project, on-line 3 months has more than a single 1 million. Alipay more than 400 million new users will become the reputation of maximum flow entrance.

according to the plan, the sesame credit score reached 550 points of the ordinary people, can become a part-time personnel to push the "word of mouth off, found around the restaurant, and recommend businesses in the Alipay business channel shop, you can get a $300 cash prize. Alipay relevant responsible person said that their goal is within two months, the introduction of 100 million merchants, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other 123 national city.

reputation in the business version of the App, the merchant can create their own stores, release discounts, set the cashier. The cashier just log in word-of-mouth businesses version, you can register the Alipay customer using a mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code. Businesses do not need to configure the code scanning gun, cashier system without Alipay open interface. In addition, in the mouth of the merchant version, the merchant can quickly statistics the amount of transactions in the store, the number of pens, membership management.


O2O platform of intensified competition in their push is especially obvious in the competition, universal shop and business reputation version can be said to be the two big tricks resorted to word-of-mouth network, by leveraging the reach of ordinary users and businesses by surprise effect.

industry generally believe that the "universal shop and reputation Business Edition is Alipay accelerated significantly staking line under the market signal. Through the "national style" business style, catering industry under the Alipay online penetration must get rapid promotion, and its leading position in the O2O market.

CEO fan Chi said network reputation, reputation platform will output four aspects of value to businesses, including investment and support better payment experience, open and support, flow of precision marketing system and platform.

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