Don’t be fooled by the nternet Project earning large quantities of gold each day is this thing

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The best way to determine whether a career is good or not is to use

as soon as possible to achieve financial freedom.

The characteristics of the

Internet makes it easier for everyone to become the central node of the business, the individual can establish business contacts from a wide range of efficiency to promote the transaction brings wealth.

To improve the

Internet infrastructure means that everyone can become a "host" collection of resources bureau group project, the maximum harvest fruit notes and all users will put his pocket.

this paper mainly to solve two problems, one is how to find Internet projects, and the other is how to create their own projects.

basic skills

on the project two words maybe everybody is not strange, the Internet circle will encounter various kinds of projects to sell the monsters and freaks of all descriptions. The so-called Great oaks from little acorns grow., regardless of the project there is a root, all brick brick tiles stacked, two elements and the Internet to build a project is the most basic Internet tools + routines.

Familiar with Internet tools and

which is the foundation of the foundation, one can’t make bricks without straw, no rice no pots and pans these tools you have talent to play the same.

sleight of hand to hand


especially in the virtual world of the Internet, you can only use a variety of network tools (your body is not able to load in the network), and then by virtue of thinking or off the shelf architecture project.

through an example to illustrate the importance of familiar tools.

case 1


believe that everybody on the "WeChat closure" the word will not unfamiliar, it is the search using WeChat personal number, with personal characteristics ID keyword subscription number also followed the show, complemented the closure of the copy (e.g., the above account is false, in the body).

of course, this feature has been blocked, the number of individuals to retrieve the ID number will not be displayed in the relevant subscription. (from another point of view, this is also an opportunity to guide the individual number of experience smoother)

case 2

use of the two-dimensional code of the fixed payment memo function to give tips to enhance payment experience. This is part of Wangzhuan practitioners for color conversion, you will not give you a payment after the automatic cloud link, is a small fraud. A combination of the characteristics of case 1 is a gray item.


removed from the station, by analogy, self APP and relative complex tools are not provided, usually familiar to the subscription number, QQ, micro-blog, WeChat, mailbox, you find the ultimate do various functions Taobao Tmall stores and other


as a basic skill you also need to understand the basic development of the Internet – Inter

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