Enhance the security of the network to enhance the safety awareness of Baidu to remind the webmaster

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at the end of the year, the festive atmosphere is gradually warming up, all kinds of Internet Illegal, bad behavior are rampant, and the black hands toward the campus website. Recently, a Feidong and other campus sites were hacked again hit the Internet industry to combat illegal, bad information alarm.

, according to industry insiders, the current site is black common form, one is to increase the number of garbage pages in the target Internet, two is direct tampering with the original page, the third is a direct jump will flow to other sites. In view of these harmful behavior impact of the Internet, Baidu, former United Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center launched the "Sunshine Action", aimed at strengthening the Internet Illegal Information blow through a series of measures to focus on the protection of users’ interests, so that users get a healthy and authentic network environment.

reporter learned that, due to the increasing popularity of hacking tools, Baidu has also been in the application of new means of identification, these abnormal pages to identify and eliminate. Currently, Baidu search background identified by the black page up to nearly two hundred million. Baidu technical staff said, these sites are extremely hidden black means. Some website was hacked, the search engine grab is normal, but the user with a specific browser see is the black garbage page; and some are black pages, tampering with the content is hidden in the appearance, do not see any problems, can only be found in "source code."

hackers these more subtle means, but also greatly increased the difficulty of finding the problem. Often the site has been black for a long time, the webmaster is still unaware of it, only to see traffic from search engines rose sharply, but did not realize the need to check whether the normal flow. Therefore, in addition to the identification of these illegal bad information, excluding, Baidu also at the same time to remind the owners of security awareness. It is understood that Baidu is now an average of 50 thousand per week to send as much as the station to remind the black mail, about a week to remind the site to return to normal in 70%. In order to further improve the effect of e-mail alerts, it is recommended that the owners concerned about the domain name registration mailbox, or in the site’s home page to leave a common contact mailbox.

Baidu relevant responsible person said, with the growing influence of the Internet, hackers and illegal collusion and commercial interests, against the "Li Gui" website and hackers hanging code (hackers hang "Trojan horse"), is destined to be a protracted war. "Baidu will strengthen the crackdown persevere, not only create a pure Internet space for Internet users, make people comfortable and have a new year, but also to protect the interests of owners, for the healthy development of the Internet has played a positive role in promoting."

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