ZEALER Wang Ziru not smart young man

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figure: Wang Ziru (right) recording "I am the founder" program

"I am third days after filming" founder, Wang Ziru at the studio.

and other founder didAnd Wang Ziru, wearing jeans, black turtleneck, arm sleeve chat program. In many cases, he is in a state of "soy sauce" – not much, nor sharp, and his performance in the program is almost the same. Since the tenth set to join him to adapt to the time is not much; in the eleventh episode into the play, I am the founder has entered the final showdown.

got up early and caught up late. Relative to the performance of television programs, Wang Ziru’s entrepreneurial experience is completely opposite.

began to do digital product evaluation from 2010, when he was 22 years old; 2012 years of entrepreneurial evaluation ZEALER, when he was 24 years old; the following year with Luo Yonghao Wang Ziru in the debate, his girlfriend’s message is still worried about the irrepressible emotions and cry. So far, Wang Ziru has done 7 years of science and technology video, venture for the past 4 years, when the peak has been managing nearly a team of 200 people. Even so, this old driver is only 28 years old.

angel investor Lei Jun said the cast of the project was about 35 years old on average, and that Mr Wang Ziru was an exception.

Wang freely, the 28 year old life has too many exceptions". Childhood family upheaval, Hongkong work of digital evaluation, founded ZEALER after fame, ZEALER2.0 conference 3000 fans, Luo live controversy, and the ZEALER transition period suffered layoffs storm.

is the exception, so that Wang Ziru is changing from one person to another. And this article wants to tell, but also the two king freely. An inferiority complex, a pride; a kind, a utilitarian; a born, a wto.

compressed childhood


‘s argument with Luo Yonghao, Wang Ziru’s ex girlfriend described his childhood in a letter to.

letter said, Wang Ziru’s mom and dad was the high degree of the perfect combination, after two of their development is very good, and has become a rich two generations when he has the best chance, parents’ marital problems. Subsequently, Wang Ziru was sent to the aunt home, never to live with my mom and Dad, when he was five years old.

what does it feel like to be a five – year – old child living in a single parent family or a foster home?

Wang Ziru and I am the founder of the program group recalled his childhood experience: "our 54 year system. Five years of primary school, I came to the first, the second and the third and fourth not, directly jumped on the high school, the reason is too bad home conditions."

in order not to give up his studies, Wang

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