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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 30th news, Alipay recently launched consumer credit service "flower chanting, but is still in the stage of the inside, only a small number of active users can log on Alipay web version to see the" CHANT "interface and apply for trial.

it is understood that the "flower chanting" the ant gold suit a new consumer credit service’s Micro Credit before the date is ant test. Official website information display, "flower chanting" can be used for shopping in Taobao, Tmall, in the confirmation after receiving the 10 day of the month repayment. The amount of consumption is based on the overall situation of the user’s online shopping, provided by the ant micro loan to the amount of online shopping. Tmall, Tmall, Hua Bai stage, try before you buy Taobao first used to pay the service to share a consumer credit; the user using one service, will take credit; after reimbursement, consumer credit will recover.

the "flower chanting" is still in the testing stage, not all users can see it in the Alipay home page, only after the big data analysis and in accordance with the requirements of the user to use the credit. However, the future of Tmall and Taobao most businesses or commodity will support the "flower chanting" service. At the time of payment if the user can see the "flower chanting" service, said the product support.

is currently in commercial credit consumption is known as service products "Jingdong and Tmall ious staging, which Jingdong had once controlled Jingdong ious users scale in order to avoid the risks," flower chanting "expected in a period of time will only a small area is open to the user. The Jingdong "white", "flower chanting" Ali and credit card difference mainly has two aspects, one is the credit card issuing behavior is different, the need for strict qualification examination, consumer credit is a credit based on data; on the other hand is using a range of different.

many industry analysts pointed out, "the launch of the flower chanting", for consumers, is more than a sum of credit; for Ali, increase the viscosity of platform and consumers. At the same time, Alipay big data accumulation based on the launch of the similar credit card credit consumer services, Ali intention incoming electricity supplier on credit market is very obvious.

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