NDRC Research nstitute Shop impact employment does not represent official views

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technology news December 23rd afternoon, a rare statement "shop the impact of employment policy" news, the national development and Reform Commission deputy director of Economic Research Institute Du Feilun explained to the media, this is a point of view, does not represent the policy point of view, not on behalf of the whole economic research Institute of the view.

20 this month, "Economic Daily" titled "China economic development positive long-term fundamentals have not changed, 2015 economic situation analysis and Prospect of 2016" the report said, "although the online retail, courier and other emerging formats to create some new jobs, but also must pay attention to the shop on the store the impact and significant substitution effect. Research reflects the books, clothing, home appliances and other products affected by the greatest impact of the store, some of the difficulties encountered in the real estate business and even the closure of the tide. Some of the traditional department stores are also subject to greater impact, business climate continued to decline, which has a greater impact on the employment of the relevant groups."

this report was signed as the national development and Reform Commission, the Economic Research Institute task force, was interpreted as the development and Reform Commission on e-commerce employment rare position". According to media reports today, the interpretation is indeed misunderstanding".

Du Feilun, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, deputy director of the Economic Research Institute, explained to reporters, said the impact of employment

shop, which is our view. The commission can not represent the point of view, is not representative of the Economic Research Institute, a research is "our group," Never mind and the central economic work conference in 2016, does not represent the views of the NDRC, is not representative of the views of the economic research institute." (sand row)

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