Alibaba and the establishment of the first domestic e commerce loan company

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to build a complete e-commerce Empire, Alibaba began to advance into the financial sector. Yesterday, the Alibaba group joint Fosun Group, intime group, Wanxiang Group announced the establishment of the Alibaba of Zhejiang microfinance Limited by Share Ltd. It is reported that the newly established Ali small loan companies will be based on e-commerce behavior data for credit, providing small loans for smes. This is also the first in China’s financial industry to e-commerce behavior data based on credit institutions.

Zhejiang provincial Party committee and Executive Vice Governor Chen said this is a kind of micro financial model to provide financial services capillary network.

nearly 90% companies have loan demand

many people believe that the most powerful economic recovery must come from a large number of small businesses, because small businesses are the most basic economic system of cells. Chen Miner believes that small businesses are an important force in China’s economic growth and social development, solve the problem of financing can greatly help small enterprises to improve management, and increase social employment, promote economic development. But all along, due to the traditional financial services model, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs have been neglected group.

had a survey showed that 87% of SMEs loan demand is less than $60 thousand, but most SMEs are difficult to solve the credit crunch. Ali, who said the small loan companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs have credit, Ali small loan company’s goal is to conduct e-commerce data into their credit data, by means of the Internet for small businesses and entrepreneurs to provide 24 hours, quick and easy credit service.

Chen Miner said that as a network of financial services companies in an innovative, Ali small loan companies through the use of modern network to help provide funding for the Alibaba group under the network platform of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, undertake is the traditional financial industry, and fully integrated Internet application advantage; innovation is the electronic commerce, and the innovation of microfinance company mode, to make up for shortcomings of traditional bank financing mode, it is to make a beneficial attempt for the global problem difficult to break through the financing of small and medium sized enterprises.

network credit into credit basis

It is reported that

, Ali small loan and Alibaba,, Alipay data is completely open, through large data, cloud computing customer network behavior, network credit to be used in small loans. Small businesses in the Alibaba, Taobao owner in the Taobao online business credit records, the status of the transaction, the complaint disputes and other information will be in the evaluation system through the analysis of cloud computing, as the final loan evaluation standard.

previously, Alibaba group has been exploring innovation for SMEs and individuals to provide lower threshold and higher efficiency of financial services. As early as June 2007, China Construction Bank, Alibaba and ICBC Chinese cooperation are small business loans, small businesses do not need any collateral, by 3 or more than 3 enterprises to form a "

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