Effectively improve the conversion rate to eat ASAS marketing rules of the two S

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conversion rate has been the most concerned about the issue of online shopping sites and shopping guide website, today to talk about how to improve the conversion rate of the most direct and effective. Research on the conversion rate is inevitable to understand the consumer behavior analysis model: AISAS.

AISAS model is a new model of consumer behavior analysis, which is proposed by the small Japanese Dentsu Inc for the change of the consumer’s life style in the era of Internet and wireless applications. Compared with the traditional AIDMA marketing rules (Attention Interest Desire Memory Action memory interest desire action) gradually to network with characteristics of AISAS (Attention Interest Search Action Share in search of action sharing) mode change.

in the new marketing rules in two, with the network characteristics of "s" – Search (search), share (share) has pointed out that the era of the Internet search (Search) and (Share) the importance of sharing, rather than blindly to the user with one-way concept, fully embodies the Internet impact on people’s lifestyle and consumer behavior and change.

to make money through the Internet web site must be tightly pegged to the two S (S things are very conspicuous Oh, such as lotus or its her S type MM). Basically 2 S get it, you will get the customer, the first two days to write an article on how to create a high conversion of Taobao guest site, the article is also the main meaning of this.

if your site can be made into a shopping experience sharing (S) of the station that is the best, do a good job of keyword optimization so that search engines (S) can find you, then basically you succeed.

I have been concerned about a Taobao guest site, is simply a blog, a few hundred dollars a day profit. The reason for success is the left hand holding a S (share), the right hand holding a S (Adwords). Grasp both hands, both hands must be hard. Do not want to make money is difficult, the premise is to have traffic, or more familiar with the adwords. Give you a look at her / his income this morning screenshot Commission is 25%-50%:

with? I’m jealous, but find it is not like him, just a small harvest. There is also a good forum – Chongqing shopping forum recommended this place that the turnover rate high.

is the two web sites have a common point: eat AISAS marketing rules in one or 2 S, this method, if used properly, I think the value of your site should be a great improvement! The first blogger Li Shihui http://s.www.lishihui.cn.

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