Train ticket purchasing website source card was added to the regular army short term hopeless

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in the gray area, but over the years the Internet purchase train tickets industry has been relatively calm, the relevant parties in peace. But now, the calm situation is broken, the Ministry of Railways Transportation Bureau in April 4th suddenly issued an important announcement, announced that the railway sector has not authorized or entrusted to any other sites for train tickets on sale or purchasing business, is the only professional website direct sales of train tickets.

if it is just a piece of paper without legal effect, it will not make much of a wave. "IT times" reporter learned from insiders, the Ministry of Railways has actually taken Henzhao, prohibited outlets in any form open online ticketing business. Generally speaking, the train ticket purchasing website is to obtain business with qualified ticket outlets under the line of cooperation, the Ministry of Railways as stuck purchasing sites have "neck", so that they can not get tickets. This makes purchasing website lamented, "iron boss untouchables", and they hope that, as the third party payment companies, have the opportunity to legalize.

Jingdong attracted the "iron boss" fury

at the end of March, the Jingdong launched the mall purchase train tickets business, the charge is 5 yuan and 20-35 yuan each ranging from courier fees for each train ticket. A few days later, the railway department has issued a notice, except that in addition to, without authorization or entrustment of any other website for train tickets on sale and purchasing business, also said that in addition to the ticket 5 yuan service fee, not subject to any other expenses.

this announcement, although not named, but the coincidence of time, had to let people guess the meaning of the railway sector refers to the purpose of targeting Jingdong mall. Train tickets online purchasing business in fact there is quite a long time, and now the Ministry of Railways issued a public notice, apparently and Jingdong train ticket purchasing business has a close relationship." Train network CEO Deng Wenlong told reporters. Chen Bo think the person in charge of net of cruel dispatch travel train ticket business, the Jingdong is too large, whether it is the influence or site traffic, the railway departments if we do not notice, and other Jingdong do when the user scale, then want to say what is already late."

2012 Spring Festival railway ministry officially launched 12306 online booking service, due to tight train ticket, let 12306 website suddenly become a hot, huge traffic and even cause system failures. According to the Internet ranking website Alexa rankings, the peak period of or even squeezed into the world within 100. For the Internet industry, the huge amount of access means huge business value, Deng Wenlong said. According to media reports, the Ministry of railways, a senior official said on condition of anonymity, if the 12306 platform listed, valued at more than $10 billion.

"before we live in peace, because the strength of the site are not purchasing. Now the Jingdong to do, this thing is not the same, the railway departments may feel threatened, so moves." Another industry source told reporters. >

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