Renren com suspected of selling user information and group purchase website interest swap suspected

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September 6th news recently, there are users posted in the community to disclose all the information about the sale of user information. According to the post description, a net friend received a copy of the site from the group’s promotional e-mail, but he did not register the site. Members of the ID used in the message is "please use the real name", it is a court of the banned Renren ID. A court said that after the ban, his ID was the administrator to modify the name, became a real name".


a court received the message, please use the real name is the forbidden Renren ID

GE has stressed on Twitter, he received the mail not from Thousand Oaks’s rice group: "this is actually a very tragic thing, for the user, using all the information should be limited to a range of product if made group purchase products, then to the user email marketing is reasonable, but the glutinous rice in a parallel product is not used to the user information, because there is no user authorization."

Ge said, after the inquiry found that the mail website is a Alexa ranking of nearly a million women’s website: "group purchase channel should be opened recently, and this website does not have any relationship with" A court does not believe that exchange the interests between the two companies: "not to mention the user privacy as a joke, do not let a large number of users.


but now everyone actually caught the current user, the user’s Emal address only everyone can get their own network, and the use of the user’s name in renren." One court believes that all the evidence will be directed at the renren. What is Renren betrayed the user, or all the network was sold by the staff, a court said temporarily inconclusive.


users a court in Twitter speak

China for Internet Co, a court that trust has become a difficult task: "they always complain about users on Twitter and Facebook to the wall, using the general speed of the Gmail, they are always boasting of their service quality, as well as to user privacy concerns. But the fact is that foreign companies are always committed to the protection of user privacy, user interests, and this mess is always the most domestic. So, how can I believe you."

it is understood that Sun Zhengyi had put 400 million dollars to Softbank (then Xiaonei), some people questioned will sell user privacy, but it was quickly denied the top 1000 oak.

"if the information stored on your hard disk, even if there is no thorough" data processing, but the pieces’ initiative in their own hands ", the relevant industry pointed out that in the SNS, because the information stored in the control and others, and all the user’s personal social relations information, the user can only feel powerless and frustrated.

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