Suning electricity supplier transformation difficult to break through what is the reason

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from the surface, Suning has more than 1 thousand and 600 stores in the country, as well as a huge storage system, which can be said to be a valuable resource Suning transition to the internet. Facts have proved that Suning did not make good use of these resources. On the scale of the first logistics system known as Suning, its logistics and distribution experience has lost to the Jingdong, which is the best understanding of Suning electricity supplier deviation.

indeed, Suning warehousing and distribution system are better than the Jingdong, why logistics experience than Jingdong? Instead, logistics need to support the powerful IT system, this is Su Ning weakness. To give a simple example, after the user orders, Suning IT system is difficult to reach the store under the order, because online and offline is the two system. Of course, this is only a point of Suning electricity supplier to understand the deviation.

electricity supplier in the most important aspects of the flow of imports, Suning performance worse. Although each electricity supplier sales Suning never absent, but Suning online traffic, and did not continue to grow, but the flow of sales soared when the promotion, after the end of the traffic flow. The first half of this year, Suning in flow into doing the most reliable thing is free film, but let the ineffective implementation of this strategy ultimately ended in defeat.

in general, Suning do not understand what the needs of users, but also do not know how to import traffic, how to do a good job of logistics and after-sales service. Electricity supplier to understand the serious deviation, resulting in Suning electricity supplier business continues to decline. Physical store business, but also by the electricity supplier business frequent low-cost promotions hurt.

Suning transformation of the electricity supplier is not successful second reasons, is the lack of core competitiveness. As we all know, Dangdang’s core competitiveness is the book, Jingdong’s core competitiveness is 3C appliances and logistics, Tmall’s core competitiveness is clothing. So, what is the core competitiveness of Suning? Since the beginning of the transition, Suning did not create their own core competitiveness, has played the role of followers. Engage in Internet banking, virtual operators to do, push intelligent hardware, Su Ningdu engaged in, can not do every kind of fine. Blindly imitate others, is the core competitiveness of Suning lack of reasons. No core competitiveness, Suning electricity supplier how to stand in the field of electricity supplier has not yet based Suning, the transition is not inevitable success.

Suning electricity supplier is not successful transformation of the third reasons, is the loss of electricity supplier platform and offline integration of resources. Early, price war, had a strong impact on the next line store; then Suning launched the price strategy of the line, the line under the impact of the store has weakened, but the frequent promotion of, the erosion of the line under the store’s profit, cost after all offline store is much higher than online.

How to deal with the

store the line resources, become the key to success of suning. On the current situation, Suning does not seem to know how the electricity supplier platform and the line of the real resources into one, to play the synergy of the next line store.

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