Return network survival mode looking for profit space of different pricing

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return network founder Chen Fangyi


return network

[electricity supplier sample] time is a long river. From March 1998 China completed the first Internet transaction, business enterprise of health birth and death, raging like a storm, which has established from 1999, has held heavily into a high-profile but only 3 months on the line of products together. From July onwards, sina science and technology will select one or two representatives of the electricity supplier companies to do a weekly observation. We have no intention of respect is willing to attribute their success or failure, or to review its mode, or reported its growth, to record the current electricity supplier sample.

Sina Technology Tracy

this is a venture by 85 after 4 years of operation, low-key but because of a "rebates MLM storm to high-profile websites. is the founder of the net return of Chen Fangyi, he heard from a friend by doing MLM rebate, and not too concerned about. Because the media disclosure of "rebate trap", some of the initial fee charged, zero cost to shopping as a gimmick fraud site, and return the cooperation, and B2C users consume electricity supplier network using the cash return after the model does not have any relationship.

then Chen Fangyi through micro-blog and announced on the website, and emphasizes MLM rebate Never mind. Although he is by looking at the data that the MLM events had no effect on existing users, but he is very worried about the impact of potential users — after all, the return of net advertising investment in Baidu and the alliance, lack of user trust will make advertising effect.

net return coincided with a new round of financing into account, Huaxing capital fund Xianfeng Huaxing and angel investor Xu Xiaoping it real fund, joint investment to return the net millions of dollars.

Xu Xiaoping noticed the confusion of Chen Fangyi, his proposal is to return the network should not only advertising, but also brand investment, especially CEO should do marketing. Xu Xiaoping in the same investment group purchase website for cosmetics, founder Chen Ou "for their own advertising," has played a very effective role of the brand.

but Chen Fangyi is not too want to know how to do that in his opinion the return of net current development is fairly good in the eyes of his return, net created in 2008 at the beginning of profit, a team of about 150 people last year to more than and 800 partners to bring 400 million yuan in sales, this year the target is 1 billion 500 million yuan, currently has the amount of 4 million users.

Chen Fangyi eager to do the next step is to recruit talent and new product development, in the mobile Internet boom, he also hopes to force the wireless side as soon as possible, to increase the return of the network shopping guide platform coverage >

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