Doubts how the United States to buy the hardest hit in the region to achieve self redemption

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from the first group purchase platform group created only in the first half of 2011 will set off a super fire group purchase wind, a new peak of nearly 1800, more than 5 thousand group purchase website, which so many people in the industry not despise the super cyclone group purchase shares. But over three years is when the unpopular scene has become history, look at today’s group purchase market, but it is a desolate, but not to the two hundred group purchase website is really depressed, bleak, and then formed a sharp contrast. Group purchase enables people to enjoy the cheapest consumption, according to the principle of absolute advantage that should be overwhelming, how will the rise and fall of group purchase problem? Let a person to understand, but the reality is so cruel.

group purchase can let people spend the least money, enjoy the best goods and services, in other words, at least should enjoy many preferential than the market price, such a good thing should get a good promotion, why is there still have "failure" situation? People think there will certainly be tricky, consumers spent. Money, enjoy the preferential price is there exist moisture, cry up wine and sell vinegar problems; secondly the group purchase price is not the existence of illusion, here is the feeling of discounts, but similar products on the market than the much higher price, is there such deceptive problems; finally out of the money, enjoy the experience is poor, obvious sense of mystery is particularly large. Group purchase is a credibility problem, if in the process show defects in time to make improvement, makes the future service better, create a group of their own group purchase network fan group. The group is relying on that every little bit to gradually won recognition, of course, about the band’s success and many other doorways.

first, really stand in the consumer’s point of view to consider the issue. The beauty of things can be said to be all in the consumer’s perspective, the first concept of consumer groups in the United States is not a slogan, is to do it, it has been the implementation of such hundred-percent business philosophy, which is the first condition of mission success, but also the achievements the United States Mission countless glorious title. The United States mission will be the new marketing mode is particularly good, consumers and businesses are able to benefit from the U.S. group in order to one hundred percent for the sake of consumers, to establish a series of security system, to allow consumers to use the most simple and convenient operation, the lowest price to enjoy the best quality service and experience, to with sincere service to consumers. And we should pay attention to a detail, it is the beauty of the group’s page design as a simple, removed a lot of unnecessary design elements, a direct highlight product categories. In addition, all the background data beauty group all adopt foreign transparent and open system, all the content should be said to be real, never exaggerate the data, never add water, never false promotion, it should be said that this is rare in the group purchase website, is also the only. Give consumers a sense of security can be trusted, is to ensure the smooth progress of the consumption of the biggest guarantee.

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