Google spirit is far away Logic and future of Google

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Google Reader was announced after closure, caused great dissatisfaction with the many heavy users of Rss, Blogger technology Chinese Huo Ju called Google is far away from the spirit of the company, it is shortsighted may seriously affect their business prospects.

Silicon Valley Chinese media Thomas had believed that there are two Google in the world, one is the Larry Page under the auspices of the "traditional Google", guided by the market to strengthen the company’s current profit model and expand market share, the other one is Sergey Brin for "Google X", for a variety of future Google outline the possibility of Google X in the laboratory, many projects hatch a powerful and unconstrained style.

American science writer Farhad Manjoo said, the future Google products will be equipped with Android system and science fiction television drama "Star Trek" in Tricorder, through the interaction between tactile, vision, voice and other media seamless user equipment and technology, Google Glass is just an initial stage of Case.

quoted here these three views, in fact represent three aspects of external and internal, industry, the Google cognitive – Huo Ju represents the market feedback, showing some Google in the business establishment decision is loss over the years reputation; Thomas on behalf of Silicon Valley perspective, through close observation, Google "fish and bear’s paw (competition) (innovation) will be both" Farhad Manjoo Google on behalf of ambition; position, his point of view by Google’s internal staff speech extends to the search engine, Google will no longer be the main business – or that the center will not Google is always

from subtraction to talk about

Google is perhaps the most "magic" of science and technology enterprises, it relies on the rise of the Internet wave, but eventually committed to the transformation of the Internet form, the combination of Google+Android basically can cover all the imagination about the future. Target heavier, more will make the environment intensified pressure upstream, especially as Google such a ship laden with treasure ship, in the process of accelerated motion, may be forced to throw some and less matching goods.

Google Reader is one of the most seemingly pity goods, it brings adverse consequences and even spread to the product category, can be expected to be, whenever Google to launch new products, there will be a "user Google will close it one day anyway," the voice of Google after the release of Google Keep (cloud notes product) when >

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