What are the requirements of the traditional business to the project leader

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              there are articles sent on behalf of, the traditional enterprise electronic business person in charge of the project mainly has several kinds: the chairman (General Manager) assistant, IT technical staff, the traditional channel sales departments and paying recruits and that these personnel are often very difficult for the electricity supplier is responsible for the post, or maybe a raging soldiers, the flaming nest".


I think it is true, many traditional companies are now doing e-commerce, e-commerce talent is so popular, the day before yesterday to see a salary rise directly to a high position, like 08 years of electric industry personnel salary report, the general level of wages in 3000 yuan, the main pipe at the level of 3400-6300 yuan, 6300-10200 yuan in manager level the director level and above, in 11000 yuan, of which Shanghai and Guangdong pay more on the average, the two years of e-commerce development, at the same time the electricity supplier personnel wages in a corresponding increase in the shortage of talents is more and more serious. In particular, many companies are doing the transformation from traditional industries to e-commerce, online and offline two completely different platforms, e-commerce talent requirements are relatively high.

Yuan Yong is also in the traditional enterprise e-commerce, through practice, I think, to do e-commerce in traditional enterprises, in addition to conventional understand strategic planning, operation management, team building and so on, the personnel requirements should also have the following:

1 is familiar with the Internet, especially e-commerce;

if a stranger on the Internet for e-commerce project, the end of the project, must not walk far, there is a huge difference between e-commerce and physical sales, online shopping users pay more attention to the user experience, marketing also far, therefore only familiar with the Internet people can grasp the users behavior and shopping psychology, take initiative marketing.

2 is familiar with the traditional industry, especially in some industry rules;

this is nothing to say, to understand the traditional product structure of the industry, consumer habits, industrial chain and supply chain, and even some of the unspoken rules of the industry.

3 has the courage, to take responsibility, to get rid of the traditional internal resistance.

this is a very important point, do e-commerce in traditional enterprises, especially B2C, almost everyone will encounter all sorts of obstacles and resistance, resistance of the larger enterprises is correspondingly greater, because of the conflict between online and offline is easy to produce a positive, if Electronic Commerce responsible person without a certain courage and coordination ability, is likely to be in the presence of obstruction defeated.

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