The company’s Web site has been converted into adult web site police investigation

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recently, the Zhejiang Public Security Bureau network monitoring three county brigade received a well-known company call, said the company’s homepage is illegal links, website content to be modified, the page is pointing to "adult website", and set up another adult website on the company’s website folder".

after the alarm, the police immediately to the company’s network of "unhealthy content to clean up, repair the page, soon returned to normal company website appearance, the illegal acts of sabotage in Fujian a user is locked by technical means. To this end, the three police actively contact with the Fujian police, the alleged destruction of computer information systems IP address for the blockade, the user to take appropriate penalties.

related knowledge: China is the public security organs of public information network security supervision department is responsible for combating cybercrime, maintaining online order and network security. Citizens in the personal and corporate computer information has been illegal links, change, invasion, there are network police to investigate and deal with us in a timely manner.

legal link: "Public Security Management Punishment Law" twenty-ninth have one of the following acts, at the following five days detention; the circumstances are serious, at more than five days of detention:  

, in violation of state regulations, intrusion into computer information systems, causing harm;  

two, in violation of the provisions of the state, the functions of the computer information system to delete, modify, increase, interference, resulting in the computer information system can not run normally;

three, in violation of state regulations, the computer information system storage, processing, transmission of data and applications to delete, modify, increase;

four, intentional production, dissemination of computer viruses and other destructive procedures, affecting the normal operation of computer information systems.

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