Ministry of Public Security a month to freeze 5452 telecommunications fraud accounts involved

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Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 8 April, 8 reporters learned from the Ministry of public security, since March 3rd this year, the Ministry of public security, the establishment of the "telecommunications fraud case investigation platform" has been successfully frozen accounts involved in 5452, some of which account cheated money millions of yuan, telecommunications fraud involving fast payment account alarm results previews.

Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau

relevant responsible person said, in telecommunications fraud, when the victim was found cheated alarm when the remittance has been often suspect in real time to turn away, to recover the money caused some obstacles. According to the State Council in February this year to combat telecommunications network governance new criminal work of the inter ministerial joint meeting of the deployment of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation, relying on the "telecommunications fraud case investigation platform", the implementation of fast alarm of national telecommunications fraud involving account payment.


in this mode, the public security authorities received a telecommunications fraud alarm, the first time to find out the primary account, and brief case and an account name, account number, transfer time and other information into the platform in 30 minutes. In the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ministry of public security of the national telecommunications network governance model against illegal crime special action office real-time audit alarm investigation involved around the entry platform and bank account information, and related closely to carry out emergency stop work. At present, the national public security organs at all levels of the police team, the station has been all access to telecommunications fraud case investigation platform".

police remind the masses, suffered telecommunications fraud, please retain the remittance or transfer of documents, and immediately call 110, or to the local public security organs of the police team, police station, said Qing after being cheated, provide accurate accounts and cash out liar account, with the police to stop arm loss.

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