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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network August 22nd news, recently domestic female fashion consumer electronic business platform of mogujie.com, released a new brand strategy, brand positioning strategy content released the "mogujie.com new buyers street". The future will be more focus on the core of "buyer" brand, also announced to enter the cosmetics, and the on-line payment system of its own.

currently, mogujie.com has made changes to the product. Updated LOGO and product navigation design. Mobile terminal, mogujie.com launched a full platform IM instant messaging system, communication".

mogujie.com brand director Fan Yiming of fashion buyers did answer: "based on the mogujie.com users to launch, two typical user groups mogujie.com users is 16 ~ 22 years old young girl and 23 ~ 28 year old urban white-collar workers. The characteristics of young girls love fashion, advocating trends, have their own personality and advocate. The urban white-collar workers have a higher spending power, the pursuit of fashion and elegant poise, eager to stand out from their own image in the workplace. We are based on the needs of users, mogujie.com launched the "fashion buyers."."

in the new online beauty sale channel, mogujie.com support 30 days no reason to return unpacking, and will set up a double margin system, margin businesses should reach 100 thousand yuan minimum. According to June revealed that mogujie.com has invested in a third party payment company in Hangzhou, will cooperate with Ping An Bank in Shanghai, in the near future a comprehensive on-line payment system.

in early 2013, Taobao began to ban all kinds of shopping guide website. At that time, this kind of shopping guide website is in vogue, according to iResearch statistics, up to the time there are 65 categories of different types of waterfall shopping guide website. September 2013, there are users through Taobao account in mogujie.com shopping, but found that the account can not log on. It turned out that Taobao blocked a large number of third party shopping sites, mogujie.com is also on the blacklist.

since Taobao blocked the storm, mogujie.com investment from the beginning of this year, the number of businesses currently settled for 6000. To support businesses, mogujie.com will invest 500 million yuan in the second half of this year to implement its business support program. According to the latest data released by mogujie.com, which already has more than 80 million users, in the latest round of financing, the valuation of $1 billion this year, GMV (trading volume) to reach the goal of 40 to 5 billion.

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