Yue Hao how to carry out network marketing for local service enterprises

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for many local service-oriented enterprises, users are often rigid demand for their needs. For example, local moving services, housing decoration services and wedding photography services, etc.. Once the user to the appropriate time, it is necessary to service. Therefore, Hao Hao believes that local service-oriented enterprises in the development of network marketing, mainly to solve the following two key issues. First of all, when the user has the relevant needs, they can find our business; secondly, when the user to find a number of similar enterprises, they are willing to choose us. Accordingly, enterprises should reach two goals in network marketing: first, our enterprise information display to the needs of the target customers; second, the enterprise’s own advantage and highlight the differences, talent shows itself in similar enterprises.

below to introduce the five most suitable for local service-oriented enterprise network marketing methods. As long as the use of appropriate marketing strategies, and long-term implementation, will be able to achieve good publicity.

, a local website advertising

for the general city, the enterprise can consider the strategy of cluster operations in advertising. The so-called cluster operations, refers to the quality of the local sites are advertising. First, good quality of the local site number will not be too much, and so few; secondly, local web advertising prices are generally cheaper, a website monthly advertising fee may be only a few hundred dollars. This will ensure that local users as long as the local site, you can see our ads. This method can quickly enhance the visibility of the enterprise in a short time.

if it is advertising in the information station, our advertising is mainly based on pictures. The picture is best to use Gif or Flash format. Because these forms of advertising can achieve dynamic effects, with a stronger performance, thereby attracting more users attention and click. Yue Hao suggested that we should not only put ads on the home page, it is best to put in the content page. Because the way the user arrives at the site is different, some may be through the search engine directly into a certain page, after reading the page, the user may be directly closed the site. But no matter what way the user came to the site, it is necessary to access the content page. We also need to consider the choice of advertising. In general, advertising must be displayed on the first screen, the left position is better than the right, and the top left corner of the page is often the focus of the visual display of the best advertising.

if it is advertising in the forum, we can through the activities of the theme of the way to promote. For example, we can send a text in the forum the most popular forum propaganda posts, to introduce the promotional activities of enterprises, and make recommendations for our top forum. Or we can cooperate with the forum, through the floor, auction and other activities to promote marketing.

two, search engine advertising

search engine advertising is often said Baidu PPC, this kind of advertising for traditional service type enterprise effect is very obvious > >

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