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as a copywriter, I believe we have had racked their brains to creative experience. As the saying goes, "the article Tiancheng, hand puppet", but his hand where is it? Don’t worry, I have some "ancestral" routine, learn it you will be able to write a good copy.



to the point!

president once said that a good copy of the sales logic behind, with the sale of logic, the direction of the right, and then bad not bad where to go

but some friends say

President president, I found the sales logic, but I write things themselves are not willing to see……"

amount…… For this problem, the president can only say that you do not fit…… No, no, no, no, I want to say that you haven’t found a copy of the "


what is the ancestral copy of


China has 5000 years of civilization, has left many classic sayings, these terms are catchy, almost known to all



you know that,



you know that,


have to say, we Chinese people since ancient times, there is no shortage of copywriting experts, such as the description of the temperature difference between day and night in Xinjiang, the old saying is so


look! More creative, more than a sense of the screen. Just two lines of words will be described in Xinjiang, the temperature of the day and night vividly, really is a copy of the industry benchmark ah ~

of course, the purpose of my writing this article is not to call on everyone to learn Chinese culture, but to provide some ideas to write a copy of

what I want to say to you is……


How to use

? Copied will certainly be despised. "

well…… Who let you copy? Who let you copy? You can’t change the


, for example, before the TOYOTA


this is not a very successful ~~

For example

the old people is not good, to advocate for everyone. The president now give you made a few out of


, for example, you are a watermelon, selling authentic Xinjiang watermelon

you can write


look, isn’t that convincing?

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