Do not want to sleep and wake up to sleep

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      I had a month’s Web experience, but also a "IT" (it) a.

      at that time I lived in Beijing, "happy street". Get up at 6 every morning. What’s the picture? I don’t like to see the sunrise. The main point is to take the bus to the nearest subway station, generally takes 20 minutes to calculate the Beijing bus atypical speed.

      to the subway station, underground car late like a swarm of bees, afraid, "two road to catch the bus". Even if the group of beauty, but also do not appreciate, to see the beauty and the frequency is proportional to late. This business, general in the evening, then around the "eye", occasionally, pretending not to see each other.

      too many people in the morning, 20 minutes subway station, the station is also very strenuous. Out of the station for seven or eight minutes, to the site where the car. Wanted to go to sleep for a while, the driver is like listening to the radio, as the morning news and I sleep well a scuffle. No way, can not fight with the driver. Originally the car is will step on a point to, then toss, punch late, the whole car people do not agree.

      lunch is not a trouble. I usually eat a bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef or Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, told the waiter, "must not add the onions." I am afraid that I am happy to eat, when the colleague smoked, inappropriate. Encountered like garlic colleagues, I always have the impulse to shout: "caring comrades, away from garlic."

      Web site provides lunch and lunch break for only an hour. I always eat speed fast, 15 minutes after lunch to fix, sleepy, in the vicinity of a bookstore to seek for a small chair, in the "forest", lying quietly for a while. That month, I’ve been doing this.

      "two sessions" after the news, the leaders arranged for everyone to play a trip to Suzhou. Take a train to the night, to wake up to heaven". The reception of our department is backing, eat nourishing, live comfortably, also found a similar Malaysia star guide. He speaks with a sense of rhythm, familiar to the history of Suzhou, also said that his grandfather was a curator of the Suzhou museum. When you say goodbye, you say the old saying. He said, I hope you go back to sleep wake up naturally, count the money to hand cramps".

      so in a word, I am pondering for a long time, according to his life — every day to get up by mobile phone alarm despotic power, anxious face brush pinch table, then is a way of pulling various vehicle number of money to cramp, constantly on the run; it is the naked daydream, unless the site pay for a angle a dime to the settlement, it has.

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