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At the beginning of the new year

, with the Zheng Xudong of Wenzhou volume of hundreds of millions of money P2P net loan fraud run away, fall into the whirlpool.

45 year old Zheng Xudong, junior high school education. Within three months, the rapid establishment of the country’s five platform companies in four. The five platform companies formed a huge network, churning tens of thousands of people nearly $700 million of funds. Among them, Shenzhen loan letter invasive, Shanghai Feng Yi Shun Investment, Hangzhou national Pro venture three net loan platform big suction gold jorina as money housekeeper, Hongkong Chinese Cultural Property Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the exchange) in order to induce high returns to attract most of the money to invest in assets such as jade.

, however, there is a fatal flaw in this giant network. Investors in the three net loan platform annualized revenue of up to 30%, while the text exchange mainly rely on fees to earn income, the majority of the text of the exchange traded Zheng Xudong are involved. There is no doubt that the fee paid by the text exchange is difficult to bear the cost of capital of three net loan platform.

jorina a staff revealed that Zheng Xudong in mid January, from the text submitted by the divestment of hundreds of millions of dollars, "he letter credit record and other net loan platform in deficit, with the exchange of money up his side of the hole. But in fact, he did not return the money to the net loan platform customers."

with Zheng Xudong run away, three net loan platform instant collapse, and the Rueilong exchange also collapse into marginal. Economic Observer newspaper was informed that Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou three police, respectively, have received the letter of credit letter, Shanghai Feng Yi, pro venture capital illegal deposits from the public, the case, in addition to the Shanghai Feng Yi have been filed.

Zheng Xudong who

January 16th, Hangzhou national Pro venture net loan company issued a notice of emergency, "because the actual control of Zheng Xudong platform suddenly unable to contact, leading to the platform funds fracture, resulting in a large number of investors can not withdraw cash." Economic observer from the Immigration Department to verify, Zheng Xudong has fled to the outside.

economic observer from the national court executive information inquiries, Zheng Xudong now saddled with 20 cases. Among them, in 2012 there were 6, in 2013 there are 14. It is worth noting that Zheng Xudong has 18 cases occurred in Wenzhou. In addition, there are 1 cases in Hangzhou, the occurrence of the 1 in Xuzhou.

Zheng Xudong, native of Wenzhou, Ouhai, junior high school education. The ID card shows the address has been rented out to become a shoe shop, a tailor shop and a skin clinic. "The landlord, Zheng Mingyi, is old enough to live with his old woman." One tenant told the economic observer.

above tenants on the Economic Observer newspaper said, you mentioned should be their eldest son, the year before last year, the chain of usury funds broke, on foot, as if there is no return." He said, "come here before creditors more, also hit the house, is now relatively small, but the court was also sent."

another tenant revealed that Zheng Xudong has been in Wenzhou for many years

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