Dialogue Fu Sheng Silicon Valley has been in the study of China is still making mobile phones

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[Abstract] in Silicon Valley can not see the entrepreneurial mobile phone companies, we are studying the launch rocket, VR technology and other next generation technology.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on December 23rd

cheetah CEO Fu Sheng (micro-blog) said the day before at the Wuzhen World Conference on the Internet to accept Tencent technology interview, cheetah mobile puts forward the goal of very early, the cheetah moves to become a global mobile advertising platform, the current domestic industry chain has just begun.

not long ago, the cheetah Mobile announced a strategic partnership with YAHOO in search and native advertising, with YAHOO mobile search and native advertising platform to enhance its security, cheetah cheetah cleanup master master, cheetah browser and other products user experience.

earlier, cheetah mobile and Facebook, Google (micro-blog) cooperation has begun. Fu Sheng Tencent technology, said the cheetah moves through and Facebook, Google cooperation to see the opportunity for mobile advertising, is doing its best to move their own advertising platform cheetah.

is from local to overseas enterprises responsible person, said Fu Sheng Chinese and comparison of Silicon Valley innovation difference, not to see a business mobile phone company in Silicon Valley, we have launched rockets, VR technology, artificial intelligence, bio technology and other technology in the next generation of.

U.S. entrepreneurs feel that there is no opportunity for smart phones, are currently in the study of the edge of the industry in the future, in order to fully break through." Fu Sheng said that China claims to be the most intelligent entrepreneurs continue to do the phone, which is China’s entrepreneurs need to think about the problem.

will strengthen localization operations

over the past few years, cheetah Mobile has been transformed from a security company to sea company. Once, cheetah mobile is regarded as Tencent against 360 "pawn", "pawn", but now has the cheetah mobile market capitalization of over $2 billion, is a star internet company.

earnings in the third quarter of 2015, cheetah mobile revenue also exceeded $1 billion mark for the first time. As a foreign company, cheetah Mobile has recently carried out a new round of transformation in the first step of success through the acquisition of overseas mobile tool products, cheetah mobile will be launched at the beginning of content driven products, to increase the user’s time and frequency of use.

Fu Sheng of the Tencent said tool products benefit the user with love, download a lot of frequency, not low, disadvantage is long is short, there is not enough time to change, when the tool products have the opportunity to recommend other products, the formation of the so-called three rocket.

cheetah mobile two rocket is to do the content type, the three rocket is doing mobile advertising, we recently called a "do not step on the white pieces", every day millions of users, users in the use of this game, all the advertising revenue."

before the cheetah moves, there are few Internet companies in China can do like cheetah mobile global

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