How to do the national line of activities to promote fans

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we all know that no activity is not marketing, but we are not aware of the specific implementation of the program as well as the activities of the funds control. The activities we do, what the site to do, these are required. For different venues, we do some of the activities for the national number, and some are for the district number.

we know, now want to do the exact area of WeChat is more difficult, but rely on us to do activities, then it is still relatively simple, but we need to put a lot of money. We are now missing is the area number, accurate to a certain area is less and less. So what should we do with different numbers,


then I’ll talk about how to promote the national number

1 campus scan two-dimensional code

to the campus to sweep the two-dimensional code gifts such activities can indeed attract many fans, but we know that by doing activities to the fans are not accurate customer, but this is indeed able to achieve our purpose of rose pink. Some people may ask, we do campus activities sweep the two-dimensional code is how to do the national number rather than do the area number?

(1) student group

we know that every student in the university now comes from all over the country. This is a bit difficult for us to do. There may be a lot of people who are filled with local information, but from different cities. This for our later marketing is influential.

(2) our late marketing

so what does this have to do with our late


content reading volume

if we do the district number, when these college students have graduated, they will go to different cities to work, will leave the city now. So we do the basic area is to do the local content, the content of our content is pushing the country is relatively small. So when we push them out every day, they don’t want to see it, because they are not in the city now. A long time, you will need to pay attention to. This led to a significant reduction in the amount of reading, we can not achieve the desired results.

Transformation of


when we pick up the list, the basic is to pick up local advertising, but our fans in the city before, and now all over the country, then such a transformation is not good. For example, my promotion is out of the promotion of household appliances, after someone want to buy, but the store is in Chengdu, but the fans really in another city, so this promotion is no effect. We can not achieve the purpose of transformation. Our old customers are through high conversion. If I spend money to promote, but did not achieve the desired results, then I will come?

campus promotion we can

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