How to avoid self copywriting

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since hi copywriter is a beautifully packaged junk

of course, to do a copy of this line, there are days of light, effort, observation, or not enough. Internet era of marketing to reveal and declare: for a long time our advertising copy is in the hi.

in Party B to do copy, it is easy to mistake a directional problem. That is, your ad or copy is pleasing to the end user, or to please you. The study direction of Party B’s copy is very easy to be limited to the successful advertising cases, annual inspection and some writing skills.

I have to

very complacent as a wiper written copy.

on the road, there is wind rain and snow,

true partner, always give you the warmth of power.

bit by bit, for you to remove the haze,

quietly, refresh your front.

see the concern, always can let you click into place.

brush as rain and snow, there is always sunshine.

– Sun wiper

this copy is a typical case of the color depends on the writing skills. Do not do market research, category analysis, only play personification, rhyme, pun…… I used to take it in for life, a fool too many candidates. But later, after the enterprise has gradually entered a marketing thinking, read the details of "marketing", so that this belongs to the beautiful garbage. The wiper is a product accessories, regardless of identity and emotional appeal, people only care about the life of this kind of product quality, its rational appeal.

toxic self hi copy

when people know God’s Li Jiaoshou wrote a monthly salary of thirty thousand copies…… "," X type VS Y copy…… "Series of articles, more and more people to reflect: the original copy is filled in the market in the nine out of ten.

from hi type copy really like poisonous mushrooms, looked beautiful, but great harm. Here are a few examples.

– N years ago, Faye Wong’s concert Name: Phoebe.

play a homonym, but just the opposite. Faye Wong is an ordinary man. This is not "unusual".

: look at this piece of high iron ticket advertising.


this is my advertising content on a high-speed rail in the row to the wicket. The copywriter very fancy advertisers to buy advertising a behavior called "face". When business owners see this ad, it takes a few seconds to guess what you mean. Seemingly clever word games create communication barriers.

– the big brand Zhou Shengsheng.

this is Zhou Shengsheng do a WeChat circle of friends advertising.

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