Hot event marketing detonated your nternet thinking

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hot event marketing is now an important brand of many small and medium enterprises for marketing hype gimmick, a hot pursuit of fresh hot events will not wait, create their own brand marketing from Xiao Xi, that not all events are blindly pursuing, focuses on the Internet thinking and execution.


event marketing plan from the program to the implementation of the stress is the execution of the operation, and then go to contact with the user, or with experience to do, in order to implement the operation. Operation itself there are many variables. This is the best place to run.

hot event is not worth pursuing

last year’s event, I believe we have seen the incident, was a sensation throughout the Internet and mobile Internet, maxed circle of friends, it is not worth doing, it involves moral and legal. We look at last year and this year’s navel touching A4 waist, abdomen so Hyun era, even the stars are involved, between the brand of marketing occasion, we should go after, an event to get people involved in the interaction, will give enterprises making the best of the best brand marketing opportunities.

hot events impact on the user

hot event is not washed out after the Internet, if not particularly obvious things, do hot event marketing needs to think about the value is not worth doing. For hot events can cover the scope of their own, if the impact of their own scope is large enough, then we do the marketing of the more worthy of the event. This is our own marketing costs and spread of power can save a lot of energy, a letter of resignation this is no stranger to, before Xiao Xi did not think of a "world is so big, I want to see the letter of resignation to the fire, then usher in a brand marketing war, taking advantage of the brand a copy is better than one.


below to see the wonderful resignation letter competition

Yi Bao agree! Wish you a pure heart to the beauty of


"everyone" to swim away, looking for students to meet him, you know, everyone in the


Jiayuan female teachers # resignation letter she said, the world is so big, I want to see. Allison said, agree! Find a boyfriend, don’t go.


from this event marketing can be seen in the event of the influence of how much.

perfect combination of hot events and copywriting

copy and the perfect combination of products is our focus on the hot event marketing, product highlights and copywriting should be from the event marketing sense of communication, design >

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