Tencent repeated killer WeChat social circle is also suitable to do marketing it

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front time WeChat official has limited the number of friends, friends of WeChat public account can not exceed a maximum of 5000, June 6th news: Tencent and the killer, the official WeChat will ban the public account set like the play. The so-called set of praise, is to invite WeChat friends to give their own news release point like, of course, this point like play can be fake, you can let friends to help brush. The WeChat official strictly prohibited brush behavior of this generation, there are four sets like behavior of the public accounts, once discovered immediately the permanent title. WeChat officials continue to introduce new rules, in fact, the reason is very clear, that is to limit the marketing behavior of WeChat’s social circle, purify WeChat social circle. This is for marketers, it is certainly not a good thing, but standing on the official point of view of WeChat, but it is reasonable thing.


first: WeChat marketing should cool down

released from Tencent WeChat began, and now WeChat has about 600 million of the user base, the popularity of WeChat also let WeChat marketing is respected by many people. Now WeChat marketing should be cool, fired before the micro-blog marketing raise a Babel of criticism of similar, in fact any marketing methods have advantages and disadvantages. Small and medium enterprises in the choice of marketing methods, the most important thing is to choose their own marketing platform, which is directly related to the type of enterprise and products. The purpose of marketing is only two aspects: one is to enhance the company’s brand or reputation, and the other is the direct sale of products or services. WeChat as a timely communication of social software, we can communicate with customers in a timely manner, but to establish a certain relationship. To a strange WeChat friends direct mass advertising information, this approach is certainly of little effect.

second: Tencent must purify WeChat platform

as a marketing person, certainly, now WeChat has become a social circle of spam is a target for all. And these junk advertising is generally derived from the WeChat public account, which is the marketing staff or team using WeChat platform to do marketing activities. At this stage, the number of WeChat users has basically stopped growing, Tencent official must purify WeChat platform to increase the viscosity of the user and return rate, WeChat’s competitors have unfamiliar street, dealings, easy letter, etc.. Tencent can not take into account the needs and psychological needs of ordinary users, who do not want to use WeChat chat received a bunch of promotional advertising. In addition, Tencent recently launched a micro shop function, indicating that the era of WeChat earnings coming. Of course, Tencent does not want to appear in this piece of land on their own too frequent marketing behavior, because Tencent also rely on WeChat to get more revenue.

third: WeChat profit era is coming

official launch of WeChat "micro shop" function, the fact that WeChat is more like third party traffic entrance, micro shop has access to the Jingdong mall and other electricity supplier website, as long as the Tencent’s business website, can through the WeChat platform >

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