P2B platform money money won the ten million B round of financing capital investment led Yuan Jin

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technology news (Sun Hongchao) November 26th news, today’s P2B platform "money + money" announced by Jing Yuan capital led tens of millions of dollars B round of financing has been recently A round of investment bluerun (BlueRun Ventures) is also carried out with the cast. Light capital as Qian Shengqian round of financing exclusive financial adviser. Tencent technology can not confirm the amount of investment.

L CEO Ni Shuyin said money money, money or money by the end of October 2015, the cumulative number of users has exceeded 1 million, the daily trading volume of more than 15 million, the cumulative matching financing scale over billions of yuan.

according to reports, money money rise since its inception, has been committed to addressing the three or four line of the city small micro enterprise loans, loans of the problem, with the operation of "credit factory", the creation of acquaintance loan guarantees business model, focused on the 100 thousand to 1 million between the scattered small loans.

It is reported that

, money money business has covered up to 51 City, after this round of financing, money or money will continue cultivating in this field, for coverage to more than 70% of the three or four line of the city, to serve more people.

said Ni Shuyin for the purposes of the current round of financing, the B round of financing will be from two aspects: establish a higher threshold, after this round of financing, money money will establish the technical threshold rise higher, more systematically improve enterprise efficiency; in the talent level, after this round of financing. Money or money will attract more more outstanding talents, have the same idea.

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