Website title and promotion are in good order to stabilize the rise

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do promotion to everyone with good, in order to stabilize the rise!

we want to know more about the purpose of Baidu, if we do not follow its rules, it wants to give you a good ranking is difficult. Baidu to survive.

please read the title of several well-known websites:


title is very clear and concise, we are not wrong.

look at the title of another website, I use the iron age website ( for example:

from the title, at a glance, the mount of iron age is a professional booking information website.


is a professional booking website, then, hotel supplies, motel and other things, are has nothing to do with you.

so, in addition to keywords regarding reservations and information will give you a good ranking, other keywords must be considered and the associated reservation. And if the reservation and related information, will have good rankings.

Baidu also want to survive and develop, its goal is to create the best search needs of users. If you can not give users a good search experience, then Baidu will be eliminated by other engines!

and you do not match the user’s search needs, of course, Baidu will get you down!

understand that Baidu is also difficult! Do not get you down, Baidu can survive it?

so, from this aspect, the car and hotel reservations and other information related keywords ranking, there will be a great decline, may not have good rankings.

let us look at the and Alibaba:

looks to know, do B2B e-commerce platform and website. Alibaba is a wholesale procurement platform.

We find the

B2B website, for hc. To purchase, then look for Alibaba.

let’s suppose:

if you are "brothers Zhang", if anyone wants to sharpen it, Baidu will certainly guide to you. Imagine, do not look for you and who?

If Baidu wants to sharpen the

guidelines for the repair of Lao Li company, will also use Baidu to search? Baidu also want to have the best person to do the

ranking!The best candidate for

is search matching.

website keyword and the best match of the user search words, your ranking will be on the front!

test: search for "motel reservation", Baidu will guide you to find the "Moldova iron age". Do not believe you try to search. (I just checked the rankings in the first place!)

but if you find "motel" >

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